And finally: Latest watchOS update has been bricking Series 2 smartwatches

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New watchOS update bricking devices
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If you missed your weekly fix of wearable news because you've been consumed by Christmas parties and trying to cram two week's of work into one, don't worry, we forgive you.

It does mean you missed out on Google's big Android Wear acquisition, some big Apple AirPods news and important details for Pebble owners that might offer some comfort after the Fitbit buyout.

While those stories were the ones to grab the headlines, we've picked out the other wearable news tidbits of the past seven days that you should cast your eye over as well.

Apple watchOS update bricking devices

apple watch watchOS 3.1.1 update delayed

Apple decided to pull its latest watchOS 3.1.1 software update for the original Apple Watch, Watch Series 1 and Series 2 as a small number of users reported that their devices were being bricked after installing the update.

The update, which promised several bug fixes left some users (mostly Series 2 owners) with a big red exclamation mark on the screen. Users who have downloaded watchOS 3.1.1 are advised not to install the update.

Apple issued the following statement in relation to pulling the update: "A very small number of Apple Watch customers experienced an issue while installing watchOS 3.1.1, so as a precaution we've pulled back the software update. Any customers impacted should contact AppleCare, but no action is required if the update installed successfully. We are working on a fix for an upcoming software update."

Surgery recorded with Snapchat Specs

Thought the camera-packing shades were just Google Glass for kids? Well, you're wrong.

Dr Shafi Ahmed, the very same cancer surgeon from the Royal London Hospital who live streamed an operation in VR, decided to use a pair of Snapchat's Spectacles to record a surgery as well.

Over the course of an hour, the 10-second clips combined to provide a tutorial for medical students through the social network. If you're not squeamish, you can watch the Snap Specs point of view action above.

Google Home gets smarter

And finally:

Google has added 36 new services that are now compatible with its Amazon Echo-rivalling smart speaker.

The long list of supported services now includes Uber, Domino's, WebMD, Food Network and FitStar personal trainer.

One of our biggest criticisms in our time with Google Home was the lack of third party integration, so it's no surprise to see Google ramping up things on the software front.

OV is a pair of Alexa-powered headphones

And finally:

Meet the first pair of headphones that will let you talk to Alexa to take control. Boston startup OnVocal has built these Bluetooth in-ears that with a touch of a button can activate the digital assistant to select and scroll through music, find out weather reports and even let you order a pizza.

The pricey $400 headphones can be pre-ordered now from the OnVocal website and is set to start shipping in January 2017.


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