And finally: Siri could control Apple's augmented reality glasses

A look back at some of the other stories from the past seven days
Siri-enabled Apple AR glasses
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It's Apple event week. You know what that means, dontcha? Everyone else gets out of the way and lets Apple soak up all the oxygen in the tech world. This particular Apple event was quite large as well, packing in a whole bunch of information in a whopping two and a half hour keynote address.


We learned a lot. Like how Apple is finally getting serious about VR, how glucose tracking is coming to the Apple Watch, how the Watch will track VO2 Max, and how you can finally kill that pretty yet inconvenient honeycomb grid in watchOS 4. Apple also announced its entrance into the smart speaker game with HomePod and dived into the AR world with ARKit.

Other companies peeked up at times, too. The Polar M340 is getting new sleep tracking powers, Toyota is thinking about using heart rate monitoring in its cars to prevent accidents and, as we revealed, Fitbit and Intel are considering purchasing Moov. And oh, Oculus just put 100 Rifts in California libraries so that anyone can use them. For free.

But that's not all that happened this week. Follow me as we journey into a world where other things occurred. As always, you can get your full news fix at our dedicated news page.


Apple's AR glasses could have Siri

And finally: Siri will work with Apple's AR glasses

Apple was granted two design patents for two Siri icons. Within that posting, Apple added that Siri could be a remote control for smart glasses. While it doesn't give us too much new info on Apple's glasses project, which we did learn a lot about thanks to a leaker on Reddit, it does let us know that Apple's AI assistant will be making her way to the device. Could you control your augmented reality views with a quick Siri command? Presumably.

Samsung Bixby speaker definitely coming

And finally: Siri will work with Apple's AR glasses

We already knew that Samsung had patented an audio device, but we didn't really know if it was truly a Bixby speaker. According to The Korea Herald, it definitely is a Bixby speaker. We still don't know much about it yet, but Samsung is looking to expand Bixby's presence past its Galaxy S8 phones. We can imagine it will work pretty well with Samsung's Connect Home platform, and this week Bill Lee, Samsung VP of smart home product marketing, reaffirmed to Wareable that Bixby is coming to Samsung's smart home.


Microsoft trademarks 'Direct Reality'

And finally: Siri could control Apple's AR glasses

Not another reality. Ahead of E3 2017, Microsoft has filed a trademark for something called 'Direct Reality', reports GameSpot. Included within are mentions of "computer game software" and "computer software for holographic applications". Is this related to Microsoft's mixed reality headsets? Possibly, or even HoloLens. Microsoft this week confirmed it won't be showing off an Xbox headset at E3, but we're still hoping for something on HoloLens gaming - and this trademark could have something to do with it.

AirPods get new features and Apple TV syncing

And finally: Siri will work with Apple's AR glasses

Apple didn't talk much about AirPods during its Worldwide Developer Conference this week, but we did learn two new things about them. No, they're not going to get easier to buy. Instead, you can now skip tracks by double tapping the AirPod. You can map skipping forward and skipping back to one AirPod each; now we just have to hope for volume controls.

Your AirPods will also automatically sync to Apple TV starting with iOS 11. Previously, you'd have to do it the old fashioned, boring way. Not the new hotness way of just putting your AirPods near your device. It's not hard to imagine that, one day, AirPods could be used to control both your Apple TV and HomePod, making them a hearable for your home.


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