And finally: Alexa continues her house takeover

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And finally: Alexa in the kitchen
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This week has been a bit of a weird one. Google Glass returned from the grave as Glass Enterprise Edition, while Intel ditched wearables for AR. And then there's Samsung, which is having trouble with its Bixby smart speaker.

But that wasn't all that happened this week, was it? No, my friends, there was plenty of other news going on in the world of wearables and smart home equipment. And you can peruse them right here - how convenient.

As always, you can head over to our dedicated news section to get the full scoop on everything else that went down.

Alexa, make my Kenmore devices smarter

Sears was once one of the biggest department stores in the US, built off the success of its Kenmore home appliances. That's no longer the case, and to help right the ship the company has announced the expansion of its Kenmore Smart line of appliances. They will all come with Alexa integration from now on, so you can simply say something like, "Alexa, tell Kenmore Smart to set my air conditioner to 70 degrees" and it'll happen. That's not all the Amazon love Sears has either, as it'll sell all its appliances on Amazon, to boot.

Garmin's senior healthcare wearables

And finally: Sears adds  Alexa integration to its Kenmore home appliances

Garmin has partnered with other companies on devices before, like payment wearables in Singapore, but its latest partnership is expanding into an entire industry. It'll partner up with K4Connect, which makes technology for seniors with disabilities, to work on wearables together.

Garmin's Vivofit 3 will integrate with K4Connect's health platform to serve residents in senior living communities, who will be able to track their health and fitness tracking, and that data will also be shared with staff, allowing the seniors to better reach their fitness goals. Garmin Health lead product manager Travis Johnson said the pilot tests have been successful, largely because seniors have a high rate of use with wearables.

A new Huawei Talkband is coming

And finally: Sears adds  Alexa integration to its Kenmore home appliances

A successor to last year's Talkband B3 has just passed certification at the FCC. While we don't yet know much about what could be knew in this version, those who were fans of the part fitness tracker / part Bluetooth headset will be happy to know that there's a new one on the way.

Seiko Epson smartwatch on the way

And finally: Sears adds  Alexa integration to its Kenmore home appliances

Speaking of the FCC, two variants of a Seiko Epson smartwatch - given the model numbers J-300 and J-307 - are headed our way. They passed FCC certification last week, and documents indicate they're - surprise - built to communicate with your smartphone. It's unclear what kind of features they could have other than Bluetooth and a heart rate sensor, but they were submitted in the "GPS Sports Monitor" category.


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