And finally: OnePlus fitness tracker in the works and more

The week's wearable tech rumour mill and news blip roundup
OnePlus fitness tracker in the works
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And finally is a one-stop shop for catching up with all the little wearable tech news stories and murmurs that you may have missed over the last seven days.


We've got some juicy rumours, some interesting VR titbits and an astonishing revelation from YouTube.

Read on for the full lowdown...

OnePlus fitness tracker that never was

OnePlus, the Chinese company behind the smash-hit budget smartphones, has hinted that it was close to jumping into the wearable tech world. Speaking with Tech Radar, Carl Pei - the company's co-founder - said: "We had a fitness tracker and Bluetooth speaker in development, but we cancelled both one month before launch.


"We asked ourselves, what is the goal? We decided we needed to focus on smartphones, to ensure we're launching quality products and leave the wearables and speakers to the people who know what they're doing."

Here's hoping OnePlus hasn't given up on the idea entirely - the budget activity tracker market could do with a fresh injection.

YouTube's future is VR

"That's the future technology of YouTube," Matthew Mengerink, YouTube's engineering chief, told Cnet this week, when quizzed on VR video. "Those are the table stakes: How do you change the way people look at things?"

The new chief said he had seen some unreleased VR video action that had "melted his brain".

YouTube's VR action is just one of the reasons why Google Cardboard is crucial to the future of VR.


LucidCam's VR dreams

If YouTube's VR ambitions are to be realised it needs to be easier for people to grab VR video footage. That's exactly the thinking behind LucidCam, which has just hit Indiegogo.

It shoots 3D, 180-degree Full HD with 1080p per eye video and 2K per eye photo quality.

Nintendo 64 Android Wear action

Hats off to Hacking Jules who has, once again, done a pretty neat hacking job on his Android Wear smartwatch - this time getting Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, from the Nintendo 64, working on an LG G Watch.

We've seen a couple of good Android Wear hacks in the past - Corbin Davenport even went so far as to get Windows 95 and Minecraft running on his Samsung Gear Live.


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