And finally: LG Watch Urbane LTE to go on sale

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LG Watch Urbane LTE gets released

Here at Wareable, we're only about the game-changing stories and biggest news, but once a week, we indulge our rumour-mongering side.

And finally is where we tame the world wild web's biggest rumours and substance-less whispers. Here's the best of the week...

LG Watch Urbane LTE gets released

The LG Watch Urbane LTE had all the hallmarks of vapourware when it was shown off at MWC in Barcelona, but it seems that the device is about to be released – in South Korea at least.

The chunky WebOS running smartwatch was first shown off as a collaboration with Audi, but it's now going on sale for 650,000 won, which is roughly equivalent to $549.

It's an interesting device, given the resurrection of WebOS and the monster battery inside. You can read our hands on LG Watch Urbane LTE review for a full analysis.

Xiaomi to release smartwatch

Chinese budget tech behemoth Xiaomi could release its first smartwatch this Tuesday, as it prepares for a large Apple-style event.

The company has already enjoyed wearable tech success with its Mi Band, which was reported to have sold over 1m units. A smartwatch for the company has been long rumoured, and while details are few and far between, it's expected to run its own OS and be priced under $200.

Leap Motion headed to OSVR

Leap Motion – the augmented reality gesture controller – is set to be added to the OSVR headset, to make it the first virtual reality system with a built in motion sensing controller.

The Razer made OSVR is an open development platform to help developers experiment and push the boundaries of what's possible in VR. While not likely to be available to consumers any time soon, adding motion controlling could be a leap forward for how gamers will experience VR in the future.

Facebook sells tech press a dummy

The tech press went into a frenzy this week, as the industry jumped on a not-so-ambiguous statement by a Facebook exec, who marvelled over the state of Oculus in 2015.

Mike Schroepfer commented that PC hardware capable of Oculus experiences would be available "this year" which led to a series of reports that a consumer version of Oculus would appear before the end of 2015.

It wasn't the case; Schroepfer clarified his position, and the media retracted.

Withings fixes shattered dreams

Withings has admitted that manufacturing problems have caused a spate of damage to its Withings Activité Pop watches. It blamed stress on the glass from early batches of its budget fitness tracker, but has promised that it's fixed the problem for future versions.


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