And finally: Google VR headset cancelled and more

The week's wearable tech rumours and murmurs
And finally: Google VR headset canned

And finally is our weekly round-up of all the wearable tech news you might have breezed past in your last seven days of internetting.

Have a browse, a read and a look at this week's collection of intriguing news blips and wearable rumours from around the web.

Google VR headset canned

Remember just before Google I/O earlier this year when we all got excited that Android VR - a standalone VR headset - would be announced?

But Google revealed Daydream instead?

Well, there might be more meat to the initial rumour than we thought as Recode has stated: "Google recently shut down an internal project to create a high-end standalone virtual reality headset akin to devices from Facebook's Oculus and HTC."

The report claims that Google instead decided to streamline its VR efforts with Daydream being the result.

We're a bit miffed. We'd like to see the Big G take on the likes of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive for the title of best VR headset.

GoPro's VR camera in the wild

Engadget has discovered that the GoPro VR consumer camera we're all waiting to arrive already exists. In the video above, A Day in the Life of a Moto Racing Family, the GoPro VR cam is used to capture 360 degree visuals.

It's stuck to the back of a Moto GP bike and the camera is described as the "first-ever GoPro Live VR system".

There's no official confirmation from GoPro, or indeed and spec details, but it's clear that the action camera giant will be jumping into the ever-growing 360-degree camera market soon.

Android Wear update updated

This one is a bit niche but, if you're rocking a Huawei Watch with the developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 on it, you'll be pleased to know that a new version, with lots of bugs ironed out, has landed.

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 2 brings wearable drawer enhancements - as well as wrist gestures to the mix.

We've lived with Wear 2.0 for a while now - click the link to find out more.


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