And finally: Wearable camera market is set to explode

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It has been quite a week, hasn't it? Firstly, we learned some bad news about Snap Spectacles, as the company reportedly has "hundreds of thousands" of them sitting around in a warehouse. Not only that, but Spectacles users drop the glasses after about a month of use.

In happier news, we got some announcements. Fitbit Pay has made its way to the UK... but it's only for one bank that no one has heard of - still, it's arrived!

Elsewhere, you'll be able to pick up Everysight's pair of AR glasses for cyclists in the beginning of 2018 for $649. You'll also be able to get the Misfit Vapor on 31 October. In hybrid news, there are new Kronabys on the way as well as a G-Shock with its own neat features.

But, enterprising Wareable readers, that's not all. Here are a couple other stories from the week, and if you'd like more you can head over to our dedicated news section.

Wearable camera market to grow to $8.1 billion

And finally: The touchscreen-enabled Google Home confirmed by code

Thus far, the wearable camera market has been dominated by GoPro. However, according to Transparency Market Research, the market is set to boom to $8.1 billion by 2025, up from $2.7 billion in 2016. The primary reasons for this is social media like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which encourage us to communicate with video as much as possible. The other driver is the variety of wearable cameras available, with more consumer 360 cameras coming to market and life logging cameras like Front Row and Google Clips also on their way.

Google Home with a touchscreen

And finally: Wearable camera market set to explode

Back in September, we learned that Google was working on an Echo Show competitor codenamed Manhattan. Around that same time, Google mysteriously pulled YouTube support for Amazon's touchscreen Echo. Now, AndroidPolice has found evidence of Google's Echo Show competitor buried within the code of the Google app.

The code references touchscreen features like notifications, interactive timers, weather forecasts, a basic web browser (aka Chrome support), photo galleries (hi, Google Photos), Google Maps, and, yes, YouTube. The code references the device as "Quartz," seemingly confirming that as the official name. It's reportedly set to arrive in mid 2018.

Vitality customers kinda get $25 Apple Watches

And finally: The touchscreen-enabled Google Home confirmed by code

The Apple Watch is growing into a fairly robust fitness device, and John Hancock is taking advantage by subsidizing the price for members of its Vitality Active Rewards program. It works like this: You pay $25 per month for a Series 3 for two years.

However, you can lower that number by exercising regularly. Doing so will net you Vitality points, which you can use to pay off your Apple Watch instead of your hard-earned money. So, in theory, you could only pay the initial $25 fee and never pay any money for the rest of the contract - should you do the literal work. Alternatively, you can get a complimentary Fitbit but it's not clear which one.

Google Home gets kid-friendly

Back at Google's big 4 October event, the company revealed that Google Home, Mini and regular, would be getting a whole host of fun kids games. This week that update went live, with about 50 games available for kids to play. These include the new Disney-based games, and Google is even adding voice recognition for children so they can activate themselves.


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