And finally: Apple Watch apps hit the App Store and more

The rumour round-up from a foolish week in wearables
Apple Watch apps hit the App Store

And finally is the home of all those smaller wearable tech stories that didn't quite hit the heavy heights of warranting their own news posts.

It's a one-stop-shop for rumours, murmurs and blips, allowing you to keep up to date with everything that's happening in the wide world of wearables.

Usually it's a cinch to write, but in a week where there was plenty of April Fooling, we've had to be extra diligent...

Apple Watch apps open for business

"It's time. Apple Watch will be in the hands of customers on April 24. Get your WatchKit apps ready and submit them for review now."

That's the message over on Apple's official Dev website, so it's likely that, come launch day, there will be a wealth of great Apple Watch apps for you to download.

There's no long to go now tech fans...

In tune with wearables

And interesting musical wearable hit Indiegogo this week; a setup consisting of a vibrational metronome, multi-player synchronization, and a powerful companion app.

"With a vibrational metronome, the musician can literally feel the beat and play along naturally. It is the way that teachers often teach music to their students as kids – by tapping the beat onto the wrist or hand of the child who is learning to play," founder Florian Simmendinger told Cnet.

"The SoundBrenner Pulse is the digital device that does the same thing, in a much cooler and more intuitive fashion for musicians of all levels. This form is also way less intrusive than the audible metronome, which produces an annoying clicking sound."

HTC's secret weapon

This surely has to be an April Fools' prank right? Surely, even though it was posted on 2 April?

Pocket-lint picked up on HTC's chief marketing officer Idris Mootee's Facebook posting of three images along with the words "secret weapon coming soon".

HTC already has the Vive VR headset, don't forget. We can't believe this is a genuine Google Glass alternative. Looks cool though, eh?

PlayStation Flow nearly had us fooled

Now this one really is an April Fools' joke...

Nearly. Right up until the moment she dived in the pool. Or something like that.


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And happy Easter, enjoy stuffing your face with chocolate.


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