And finally: Android Wear update to take on Apple Watch and more

The murmurs and NIBs from a busy week in wearables
Android Wear update to take on Apple Watch

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Update: When will your smartwatch get Android Wear 2.0

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Android Wear update imminent

Google is prepared to stay and fight in the battle for smartwatch supremacy it seems, with The Verge reporting this week that Android Wear could be in for a wealth of new features, with an update to the wrist-based OS on the way.

The report claims the OS revamp will add Wi-Fi support, gesture based control actions and a tweaked UI. Hit the link to the full story above to find out more.

And, if you're all set on being anti-Apple with your wearable choices, make sure you take a look at our guide to all the Android Wear smartwatches announced so far and see our showdown of Android Wear versus Apple Watch.

NASA takes on wearable tech

NASA is going to equip its astronauts will smartglasses; that's according to a nice feature Bloomberg put live this week.

"The plan is to create a system where how-to guides can be uploaded to the glasses, allowing astronauts to follow directions while their hands are full," reads the story. "NASA's engineering teams are working on integrating their software into the glasses and, later this year, will test them in an undersea lab to simulate the environment of space flight."

Check out our guide to the best smartglasses, which feature clever specs from Osterhout Design Group, the company NASA has enlisted.

Apple banishes wearable rivals

Remember when Apple kicked Fitbit out of its stores following the fitness tracking brand's decision to opt-out of Apple Health?

Well, good luck finding any non-Apple Watch wearables in Apple Stores come the end of April, as the Cupertino company has supposedly taken Jawbone and Nike Fuelband trackers off of the shelves now as well.

This isn't exactly promoting Apple Health as a platform is it?

Atlas Wristband

Wareable was reporting live from the Wearable Tech Show in London this week, where the Atlas Wristband was causing quite a stir.

The gym-based wearable is clever enough to be able to tell the difference between a push-up and a triangle push-up, or so claim its makers, using aircraft grade sensors to map out your body's motions.

It's ugly as sin, but we'll let that slide for now. Check out our pick of the top gym wearables to see how it measures up to its rivals.


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