And finally: Android Wear set to get iPhone compatibility and more

The rumour round-up from a leaktastic week in wearables
Android Wear coming to iPhone

And finally is the home of all those wearable tech stories we didn't find a place for in our news, features and reviews each week.

It's a one-stop-shop for rumours, murmurs and blips, allowing you to keep up to date with everything that's happening in the wide world of wearables... or about to happen.

And this week's a cracker.

Android Wear gunning for the iPhone

LG Watch Urbane LTE guide

Google is close to finalising plans to make its Android Wear platform compatible with iOS, as The Verge reports. That doesn't mean Google will actually submit an Android Wear app to Apple or that Apple will approve it, especially as the Apple Watch is all but on sale.

That said, the Pebble Time smartwatch and plenty of fitness trackers are cross platform so we could see a whole new range of options open up for wearable loving iPhone users.

Samsung Gear A to get 3G and calls

Samsung Orbis to feature wireless charging

We've heard about Samsung's plans for a circular smartwatch, codenamed Orbis, before but now we have some new details courtesy of SamMobile.

Firstly, there's the name - Orbis will be the Gear A and will actually come in two options: one Bluetooth and one with 3G and calling support. We don't know any pricing details yet but we'd expect the second model to be the more expensive choice.

If the rumours so far have been true, the Gear A will run on Tizen not Android Wear and feature wireless charging.

More Moto 360 2 leaks and pics

Speaking of round smartwatches with wireless charging, the original Android Wear poster boy - the Moto 360 - is overdue an update.

A new pic of the so-called Moto 360 2 has leaked showing a fully round 360 x 360 display with no slice of dead pixels as we saw on the original. It also shows one physical button on the edge, as before, and new straps with metal attachable arms.

We can't wait to see the second Motorola smartwatch as it looks to have slimmed down too - the first iteration was very modern looking but still quite chunky on the wrist and the Apple Watch is setting new standards in smartwatch design.

Victorinox to build a smartwatch

Kind of. The maker of Swiss Army knives and wristwatches has announced that it will launch its first bit of wearable tech.

The official line from CEO Carl Elsener is that we should expect "something approaching a smartwatch" which would expand the functions of its watch range but also have a long battery life.

There could be a MotionX partnership on the cards but Elsener didn't refer to Philippe Kahn's tech or the MMT Swiss smartwatches. He also didn't mention Android Wear so the OS, looks and features are all still a mystery.

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  • kron says:

    "Apple Watch is setting new standards in smartwatch design."  Are you kidding us? Their design or nothing about the Apple watch is new. It's using IBM's digital crown design from their 2001 WatchPad smartwatch. Which came two years after Samsung invented the very first WatchPhone Wearable Phone design in 1999!

    Smartwatches have had Haptic feedback forever. Even Heart Animations are not new and Tizen Store and Wear App store have had those features. There is absolutely nothing they've brought that's new in the design. Want to talk about "Innovative and New"? Then talk about Gear A Oribis coming out soon! .......because it's actually going to have cross platform syncing just like Gear S had hidden. Yet Gear A will have a 3rd party syncing tool, so Samsung doesn't have to worry about getting past Apple's anti-competitive measures to keep competition out of their store. To start off with...... Facebook and Twitter are both working on cross platform "All in One" device Apps. But.... they certainly aren't the only ones.

    What they are doing is saying that to make it easier for their users and developers, they want full cross platform compatibility, without being forced into exclusives that keep them from being used by anybody using any smartphone OS. These two are both saying to Apple; "If you want your users to have Facebook and Twitter access, then you better approve our Apps in Apple App Store! :D   .....Apple may be big..... but hopefully they are not that stupid..... like when they tried to kill Google Search and Maps! lol.... Eventually having to recommend Maps and renege on killing Google Search too. If they are the leaders..... they control Apple's Vertical and Horizontal Control Lock Out of Apps. Not ever Apple!!! ;-P

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