Wareable picks: The best smartwatch of the year

Team Wareable picks out the smartwatch winners of 2014
The best smartwatch of the year

Smartwatches have been one of the big stories of 2014, and as the year wore on the offerings just got better and better.

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Of course we're all waiting to see if the Apple Watch can live up to the hype, but we at Wareable have picked our favourite smartwatches of the year from our long list of reviews. Then sat down in a room and argued it out until we decided on the best. It's not been pretty, but you can read our pick of the year below.

Paul Lamkin - Editor in chief

It's impossible to look past Android Wear for this category. Sure, the Samsung Gear S is probably the most startling smartwatch to date, and both the MB Chronowing and the Pebble Steel did a great job at injecting some style into the genre, but it's watches running Google's latest OS that have really grabbed the attention. And in that group it was the LG G Watch R that really impressed in terms of looks and the Sony SmartWatch 3 that proved to be the most useful.

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James Stables - Senior editor

Just after testing the Moto 360, along came the LG G Watch R, and it righted so many of the former's wrongs, it's impossible not to highlight as the best of 2014. While the design is unashamedly masculine, the LG G Watch R offered a usable truly all-day battery life and a beautiful PAMOLED display that avoided the annoying 'flat tyre' which ruined the allure of the Moto 360. In fact, the G Watch R looked so watch-like that the only downside was that few people realised it was actually a smartwatch at all.

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Sophie Charara - Contributing editor

The LG G Watch R does a good job of disguising itself as a men's watch but the Moto 360 was the only Android Wear watch for me this year. Yes, it's a bit chunky but I love the slim bezels, minimalist design and big round display. The wireless dock makes nightly charging a ritual more than a chore and Motorola's done a better job than most at personalisation with steel and leather straps to choose from. An honourable mention, too, goes to the Pebble Steel - it's the most practical smartwatch I've used and Pebble is still committed to adding big new features.

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Winner: Moto 360

One of the toughest awards of the year, the Wareable smartwatch of the year has to go to the Moto 360. The Moto 360 set the trend for the year and was one of the most highly anticipated gadgets of 2014 and since its release the smartwatch has benefited from a number of updates increasing battery life and fixing screen issues. What's more, the new metal and leather straps look superb.

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