You can now watch Hulu with Samsung Gear VR

Watch Hulu content in a virtual living room
Samsung Gear VR adds Hulu app
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There's new content for Samsung Gear VR almost every day - like social features that let you hang out with friends virtually. Now it looks like you'll get the added bonus of Hulu.

Variety reports that starting immediately, the Hulu app will be available through the Oculus Store.

The app was announced back in September during last year's Oculus Connect but wasn't ready for use. Netflix beat Hulu to the punch but Hulu's head of experience told Variety it was planned to release later in order to, "build an experience that we believe in."

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Hulu's VR app will get you 30 360-degree videos from Discovery Communications, Baobab Studios, the National Geographic Channel, RYOT, Showtime Networks, Viacom and more. Original and exclusive content are also promised free of charge to everyone regardless of their Hulu subscription.

There's no word whether Hulu or Netflix will show up on Oculus Rift but it wouldn't be surprising. It's a bit on the heavier side for long hours of binge watching but if gamers can deal with it, who's to say it can't be used for movies and TV?

We won't be surprised if other big names - like Amazon, HBO, Starz and more - hop on the VR train within the year. Virtual reality Game of Thrones, anyone?


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