And finally: Xbox One VR headset set for launch and more...

The week's wearable whispers all in one place
Xbox One VR headset set for launch...

And finally is our regular roundup of all the murmurs and blips that didn’t quite make it onto the Wareable news hub this week, but we think you still need to know about.

There’s plenty of juicy mumblings this week including news on an Xbox One VR headset release date, info on the Apple Watch and some “crazy dope” video action from

Xbox One VR headset set for 2015 launch

We’ve been following the news about a potential Xbox One VR headset for a while now and, this week, there was some extra fuel added to the fire – suggesting a launch next year for Microsoft’s Project Morpheus rival.

Our old friends “sources familiar with matter” spilled the beans to the chaps at TechRadar, stating Xbox One headset development kits were already doing the rounds.

The report suggested that an Xbox virtual reality device could get an official launch at E3 2015 in June.

Apple Pay to launch with Apple Watch

The Guardian reported on Thursday that Apple Pay, the contactless payment system, would arrive in the UK and Europe soon – at the moment it’s US-only.

That’s good timing as United Daily News stated Apple Watch production will begin in January, with a first year production run of between 20 and 30 million units in the works.

Make sure you check out our first look Apple Watch review. Puls watch bling edition

Here’s Mr showing off the Kara Ross designed Puls, complete with 36 carats of diamonds in an exclusive unboxing for Vogue. If you like bad rapping and terrible looking devices, take a look.

Don’t forget that a 2nd-gen Puls will be released next year in two new designs, news exclusively broken by Wareable a few weeks back.

Woojer wearable now on sale

We say wearable, although we’re pretty sure we could have included the Woojer wearable woofer in our round-up of devices that are wearable, without actually being wearable.

In case you missed the successful Kickstarter campaign, Woojer is, in its maker’s words:

“A matchbox-sized, wearable device that accurately reproduces bass frequencies and delivers the emotional tactile sensation directly to your body. When wearing Woojer you, literally, FEEL the sound of your favourite music and games.”

It went on sale this week and costs $69.99 for a limited time, the usual price is $99.


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