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Alright, alright, alright, take off that headset for just a couple of minutes and look over here. It's time for Field of View, our weekly roundup of all the latest in VR and AR.


Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, and while there were some good deals of big VR equipment, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it was a rather slow news week. But that doesn't mean nothing happened.

For all the latest going-ons in VR and AR, read on below.

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Field of View: The Walking Dead is coming to VR

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners coming to VR

The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows on TV, so it was only a matter of time until the property was adapted for virtual reality. Announced at this week's San Diego Comic-Con, Skydance Interactive is partnering up with Skybound Entertainment, the company founded by The Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman, to develop the game.

Set in the flooded remains of New Orleans, you'll have to make your way through quarters filled with zombies. Naturally, that's not the real threat. The real threat, it turns out, is humans. It sounds like you'll be able to make decisions about other people, turning you into either a saint or sinner (ah, so that's where the title comes from).

The game is set to launch in 2019.

Samsung and NASA's VR exhibit opens

NASA and Samsung have teamed up to create a new immersive virtual reality experience called A Moon for all Mankind at Samsung's New York-based 837 experience. The exhibit is running until July 2019 and is an effort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing.


You'll jump into a flight suit and extensive rigging, which is somewhat like the Active Response Gravity Offload System that astronauts use for training, slip on a helmet with Gear VR embedded and explore on the moon. To us, it sounds like the closest opportunity you'll get to actually being on the moon.

Disney's first VR short is coming next month

With both Walt Disney Animation and Pixar under its wing, it's easy to see that Disney is a titan of animation. It's stocked with talent, and has produced blockbuster feature films and award-winning animated shorts.

And now it's setting its sights on VR. Animated shorts have been an area VR has shone for quite a while, and now Disney is set to debut its first VR short next month at the SIGGRAPH conference.

It's called Cycles, and it's about a house - specifically, what happens inside the house and how the people who live their make their lives. It'll debut at SIGGRAPH's Immersive Pavilion, which is dedicated to VR and AR.

Field of View: The Walking Dead is coming to VR

New VR standard would use single USB-C connector

One of the big sore spots of high-end VR headsets is that they take forever to set up. There are a lot of cables to connect, and then if you have multiple VR headsets and watch to switch you've got to go through that whole thing all over again.

But there may he a solution on the horizon. Valve, AMD, Microsoft, Oculus and NVIDIA have teamed up on VirtualLink, an open standard that would slim down VR headset connections to just one USB-C connection. It would be able to support four DisplayPort video, USB data, and 27W of power. All of this is designed for VR, which means you can expect low lag.


There are some hurdles. First, this is just an overview. We're a while away from a 1.0 release, and after that release we'd still be years away from getting it into actual headsets. On top of that, this all assumes that wireless and standalone VR headsets don't become a thing. Still, it would help make high-end VR headsets even more accessible to a larger variety of consumers - and that's only a good thing.

David Bowie is going virtual

'David Bowie Is' was a big exhibition that did really well in the 12 cities it was exhibited in. Now Sony Music Japan is teaming up with Planeta to create a VR virtual of the exhibit called David Bowie Is Virtual in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum and David Bowie Archive.

The experience will feature spaces where you can take a look at artifacts from his life, from his costumes to his most treasured objects. You can even virtually try on his costumes.

Watch this: Godzilla VR

Japan gets all the cool VR installations, it seems. We already know about Mario Kart VR, and now the King of the Monsters is getting in on the action. This Godzilla VR game will see you take control of a helicopter to battle the big green guy himself. It'll come to Namco Bandai's VR Zone Osaka.

Try This: Voyage to the Antarctic

It turns out that less than 50 people have journeyed to the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean, but thanks to the power of the virtual reality you can give it a try with this experience. You'll get a first-hand view of the Antarctic, all while listening to narration by Academy Award winner Javier Bardem.


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