VRGO is a chair designed especially for virtual reality

This egg-shaped controller gives you more movement in VR
VRGO chair is designed especially for VR
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When watching 360-degree videos in virtual reality, do you often find yourself getting twisted up trying to look over your shoulder to see behind you, and then finally resolving to just stand up?

The VRGO (pronounced "VR Go") chair is an egg-shaped sitting controller, of sorts, that lets you move around in a 360-degree VR environment with more control than just scooting around on your swivel chair. The company behind this VR controller chair is seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter to get mass production underway.

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The chair is designed to connect wirelessly to a PC, Mac, or mobile VR headset and acts as a substitute for movement controls while in the VR environment.

It uses gyroscope, accelerometer, and manometer sensors that allow the user to tilt in any direction to move around. Tilting forward moves you down a corridor and backward backs you up, while tilting left or right will allow you to strafe.

It is also weighted at the bottom, like one of those Weebles we played with as kids. So, it will always right itself and keeps the center of gravity low for stability. It has padding on top comfort. And, our favorite part is that it has a storage compartment to keep all of your VR goodies hidden when not in use.

Because it is compact and lightweight, it can be moved around easily and kept out of the way if your living space (or working space, if you are one of those lucky ones) if you need the extra room.

For £175 you can get in line for a VRGO chair at 30% off the RRP. Shipping is expected for May of 2016.

It would be pretty cool to use this thing to take a virtual walk around the USS Enterprise.