Field of view: VR heads to the Emmy's

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Our AR Week is coming to a close but Field of view is back with a twist. As well as the usual virtual reality news and recommendations, we've thrown some of the latest AR and MR headlines in too.


In VR, the biggest news came from Oculus, which is not only discounting the existing Rift but also now reported to be building a $200 standalone VR headset. Also this week, Microsoft announced it's doubling down on Mixed Reality and HoloLens with a new partner program.

Here's the rest of the best of the VR, AR and MR news.

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Three VR experiences get Emmy noms

We really need another word to replace 'experience' for VR and AR don't we? Anyway, three VR shorts/films/things got nominations for the 2017 Emmy's, which were announced this week.

They were Dear Angelica from Oculus, Felix and Paul's The People's House - Inside the White House and Mission: ISS, an International Space Station sim that's an Oculus/NASA collaboration. All three are in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category with two non-VR projects. Good news for VR entertainment getting the nods it needs to go more and more mainstream.


Nolan's Dunkirk gets a VR tie-in

If you're pumped for Christopher Nolan's war movie, which is about to be released, check out Warner Bros' four and a half minute promo Save Every Breath for mobile/Cardboard/any headset (above). Some of it is dark and underwater so pretty intense - you've been warned.

Universal's AR Hulk plans

Universal Studios has already shown wearables some love in the form of the TapuTapu system, which our US reporter Husain got to try out. Now it seems it's filed a patent for augmented reality goggles, which will show riders virtual characters and monsters as they ride the rollercoasters. From the images it looks The Incredible Hulk could be first to get the treatment. Sounds awesome.

Field of view: VR experiences head to the Emmy's

London bar is serving AR cocktails

The Mirage menu at the City Social Bar sounds... interesting. No wearables for now but if classy drunkards hold up their phone to their drink, animations appear e.g. Marilyn Monroe lying on her side drinking a cocktail, Day of the Dead skeletons or Van Gogh's A Wheatfield. We see all kinds of crazy stuff when drunk so this kind of thing makes it legit.


Japan gets VR Mario Kart

Yep. A new Virtual Reality Zone arcade in Tokyo apparently has a VR version of the racing game as one of 15 titles gamers can try. Others including fishing, a haunted house and a game with a winged bicycle. Jealous.

Watch this: Super Mario Bros on HoloLens

Staying with Mario, I just wanted to give this video another shout out - it's one of the demos featured in our best AR demos of 2017 list, which we published earlier this week. Here's what I like - it's creative, it's fun and sure it's unlikely to ever exist because copyright but projects like this one from dev Abhishek Singh can help bigger companies realise the potential of AR too.

Play this: To The Top

There's not much in the way of AR gaming recs so I chose something from our best VR games list, which we updated this week. To The Top for Rift and Vive is a VR climbing game that's not only exhilarating but nails the whole movement problem that virtual reality has struggled with from the start.


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