VR headset coming soon to a Kellogg's cereal box near you

All you need to make your own goggles are scissors, knife, and tape

If you need more evidence that virtual reality is on the verge of a revolution, then look no further than a box of Nutri-Grain. The breakfast cereal is soon to sport a new look that features a DIY project to make your own Google Cardboard-esque VR goggles.

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Inside the Nutri-Grain box is a template for building the VR headset. It even comes with a very simple lens kit. After cutting out and taping together the headset, users place their smartphone inside and start watching.

Kellogg's has an official app for iOS and Android that includes a number of 360-degree videos, including a mountain bike ride, a wingsuit flight, and a downhill longboard ride.

Users can, of course, use the home-made headset to test out some of the other smartphone VR apps.

There is no word on whether Kellogg's will bring this fun toy to any other countries, it's New Zealand only for now.

Source: The Verge


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