These are the biggest gripes VR fans have right now

Headset owners are airing their grievances on an epic Reddit thread
What VR fans hate about VR
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Virtual reality has won over a lot of faces in the past five years, but it's also broken a lot of hearts. If you own a VR headset, you know the feeling. It's immersive but you're tangled up in wires. It's fun but compromised. There's a reason we've never given a VR device 5/5 stars – the perfect VR headset doesn't exist.

Which is why we find ourselves scrolling through a post on the r/Vive subreddit by user zerozed with hundreds of comments on "What DISAPPOINTS you the most about VR?"

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We've picked out some of the most pertinent points below, but all the responses should be required reading for anyone building VR hardware and software.

"I hate that every headset has compromises"

Amen. User Scubasteve2365 sums it up with this: "I just want a headset with the tracking tech of a Vive, the controllers from the Rift. The sweet spot and lack of Godrays from the Go. The non-fresnel lenses of the PSVR, the anti-SDE, blacks from the Odyssey+ while crisp like the Go and the FOV of the Pimax."

Try harder on controllers

The Reddit thread saw gripes with both the Oculus Touch controllers and the HTC Vive's wands. Sheisse_meister said: "I still don't get why everyone loves the rift controllers unless you prefer sticks over touchpad. 'Gripping' with your middle finger is just as unnatural, if not more so, than the grip buttons on the wand."

But Pr0xyWash0r begs to differ, saying: "For me it is 100% the touchpads I hate about the Vive. With hundreds of hours in VR with the Vive I still run into issues where I'm not moving the way I want to, or not pressing the right part of the pad to do what I want. Sticks would be infinity preferable."

User noorbeast just says, "How long Knuckles is taking."

These are the biggest gripes VR fans have with VR right now

A plea for interchangeable modules

This one's unlikely but we like where eugd's head is at: "What you want is for the industry to adopt common standards for HMDs made of interchangeable modules. Mount (all parts that touch the users head), Display (screens+lenses in their IPD adjustment mechanism, or even more granular), Tracking, Wireless, Headphones, etc. (eg. portable compute) modules, all sold separately and interchangeable between different manufacturers."

Where those Valve games at?

"Not much to be honest, but if anything the lack of any significant game release from Valve," says ptsinge.

Back when the HTV Vive was a baby, Valve made the call to help a bunch of studios make VR games, demos and experiences instead of building one big game themselves. Turns out people just want the big Valve game now. Especially if it's anything to do with Half-Life. Valve is said to be working on three VR titles but there's no official details or release dates yet.

With_Hands_And_Paper says: "That after over 1 year from the Valve announcement of their 3 VR games we still know absolutely nothing about them. I mean, I'd at least like to know a title, a small description, even a fucking generic genre label would be fine."

These are the biggest gripes VR fans have with VR right now

Or any brilliant VR games

"The lack of more made-for-VR AAA software, not ports of flat screen games," says ReadyPlayerOne007. And "the lack of top draw games…" says ImmersiveGamer83.

AdmissableLender says "Give me ANYTHING with a story that can get me emotionally invested that's longer than a few hours. Give me memorable characters. A fun team."

Just get it working

VR headset owners are also fed up of all the rebooting faff, especially with the PC setups like Rift and Vive.

The1TrueGodApophis says: "Having to set shit up and then constantly reboot or fuck around with some setting somewhere. I spend 50% of my time playing games and 50% of my time trying to get it to work."

Echoed by _llucid_: "Thank you! Between Windows 10 updates, SteamVR issues, HTC hardware issues, and Skyrim mod crashes, I haven't had a clean "it-just-works" experience with my Vive in MONTHS."

And _Choose_A_Username agrees: "100% this. This is why I never use my Vive anymore. I fix crap all day at work. It’s the last thing I want to do when I have a free moment to play games."

Do you own a VR headset? What are your biggest day-to-day gripes? Let us know in the comments. Or head to the Reddit thread to get some sympathy.