Field of View: The week in virtual reality - More hints at Project Scorpio VR

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The week in virtual reality
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If you've been following the week's VR news then you'll know it kicked off with the reveal of the Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, made out of a new "improved" material that'll hopefully make it more comfortable to wear for long stresses of time. We also took a look at the future of VR, exploring Medical Realities is looking to transform the health industry, partnering with NHS and Association of Surgeons in Training to create VR and AR that cut the costs of training.

And then we played MindMaze's incredible brain-sensing tech, which can map your expressions onto a VR avatar in real time.

But that's not all. Let's take a stroll through the other happenings of the week.

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Project Scorpio VR devs don't have to be exclusive

Field of View: The week in virtual reality - Microsoft hints at Project Scorpio VR

One of the problems with these early days of VR is that developers have to choose which platform they have to publish for. Xbox boss Phil Spencer agrees, which is why he told Gamasutra that VR devs working on Project Scorpio won't have to sign any exclusivity deals. First, that's cool. Second, what a subtle way to yet again hint at Project Scorpio's VR plans. We know that Microsoft is planning to bring VR and its own Mixed Reality to Xbox Scorpio, but we don't know much more than that. Luckily, E3 is around the corner.

Expedia's VR hotel room check

Booking a hotel room can be a real pain. You have to book early, it can be expensive, and those publicity stills of the rooms make it hard to get a sense for how big the rooms actually are without a proper sense of scale.

Expedia is hoping to solve that, telling Mashable it's working on creating virtual reality versions of rooms that potential guests can check out. This just isn't some kind of fancy 360 photo either - you can walk around and actually interact with the room. You can even step out onto the balcony, so when you opt for the cheapest room you can get a nice virtual look at the parking lot.

Disney's projection AR system

Field of View: The week in virtual reality - Microsoft hints at Project Scorpio VR

We already know Disney is big on AR, but now we have a small peek into what it could be planning. The folks over at UploadVR dug up a recently filed patent by Disney for a projection-based AR system.

Based on the images on the patent, it seems that the system could be used on a dinner table, projecting objects and characters that could be manipulated by users. It sounds very similar to Lightform, a company founded by a former Disney Imagineer and partnered with Disney Research. If only Disney had some kind of big, huge property featuring talking dinnerware it could exploit for this.

AMD buys VR chip developer

AMD's eternal competitor, Nvidia, has a good, solid VR presence that's only going to grow. So of course AMD would want to get in the ring. This week the company announced that it purchased intellectual property and "key engineering talent" from Nitero, a company focused on building chips that enable wireless VR and AR headsets. We already know that HTC will make the Vivewireless this year with an assist from TPCast, but AMD will also be able to help other manufacturers produce wireless headsets.

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Gorillaz join the AR party

Gorillaz appear to be big fans of AR and VR. A couple weeks ago the band released a six-minute VR video, and this week it released a new AR app. Available for iOS and Android, the app allows you to put things from the band's recent music videos into the real world. On top of that, you can use the app to join in on a global listening party when Gorillaz's new album, Humanz, drops on April 28.

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The WaveVR

Despite loving music, I tend to avoid music festivals. They're so out of the way and can get smelly and tiring - and you get sunburnt. No bueno. Luckily, The WaveVR launched on beta via Steam this week. It's a VR platform that allows you to attend virtual music festivals, sans all those problems but plus rad, psychedelic visuals. As you can tell from the trailer, it looks mesmerizing.


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