Ubisoft is knocking down one of VR's biggest barriers

Will offer cross-platform multiplayer on Eagle Flight and future titles
Ubisoft knocks down one of VR's barriers

As exciting as virtual reality is for many number of reasons, the user base is relatively tiny right now. More games, killer apps and reduced price points will help broaden the audience, but Ubisoft is helping to knock down one of VR's other problems: platforms.

The games company has announced that its VR debut, Eagle Flight, will now offer cross-platform multiplayer with Oculus Rift, PS VR and HTC Vive - the latter of which it won't arrive on until 20 December. This means you'll be able to play with everyone else, no matter which system you or they own.

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But more interesting, Ubisoft says it plans to carry this approach forward: Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, both multiplayer titles, will also have cross-platform support.

It's a significant and welcome move to be making in these early days for the technology, and we hope to see more developers taking the same approach - EVE: Valkyrie also works across all three systems.

Dividing VR by hardware offers more choice, but segregating experiences and exclusives will only slow this burgeoning medium.

Ubisoft is knocking down one of VR's biggest barriers


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