Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Twitter gets 360-degree live video

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Even in the dead space of the last week of December, there's been plenty of VR news ticking along. Oculus bought an eye-tracking startup called The Eye Tribe for one, which is pretty big news, so we had a look at the whole trend. Plus the Gear VR was a big Christmas sales hit, at least on Amazon and the PlayStation VR got the Jaunt app.


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360 video on Twitter

Go check out #Periscope360 as live 360-degree video has just launched Twitter and Periscope. It joins Facebook and YouTube so it's a bit late to the party.

For now, anyone can view the vids so far - marked with a Live 360 badge - but only select partners and VIPs can upload them. The blog post announcing the big new feature was written by Twitter's director of AR and VR so look out for further developments.


Virtual reality vs pain

Polygon has a nice look at VR uses in pain management this week. VR apps and games can help people's natural ability to override pain signals by 'engaging them in another task' and researchers in LA are building specific apps for headsets like the Samsung Gear VR. And unlike drugs, so far they don't know of any negative side effects. Win win.

Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Twitter gets 360-degree live video

Sales down to accessibility & marketing

Here's a thought - Sony could have marketed the PlayStation VR much more than it did. Some are putting the low-ish headset sales down to this. Then again, Sony did say it had production constraints so maybe we'll see a bigger push - and sales - to PS4 owners next year. The long game, it is.

Power Rangers in VR coming to CES

90s kids, listen up. Qualcomm and Lionsgate are bringing a Power Rangers VR experience to CES 2017 in Vegas next week. Based on a new movie that's out in March, the VR tie-in will run on a Snapdragon 835 processor which Qualcomm says is engineered for high VR frame rates.


Ex-Oculus VR scientist heads to Huawei

Huawei has a new chief scientist of VR/AR/MR in charge of global research and product development - Steve LaValle, ex-Oculus chief and University of Illinois professor. He'll bring his head tracking and computer vision expertise to Huawei's future headsets.

Play this: Hitman Go

If, as the sales suggest, you opened a Gear VR this week, check out Hitman Go. It's just one example of great mobile ports and reworkings for the platform including freebie Smash Hit too. Play through the model-like environments with a Bluetooth controller or the headset's trackpad.

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Watch this: Ai Weiwei in the park

"Oh, hi squirrel!" This is a nice, random 360 video on YouTube for a nice, random week of the year. Artist Ai Weiwei takes the NYT round the park to see some of his installations. Lovely.


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