Field of view: You can get a Vive real quick now

The week's rigorous virtual reality roundup
Field of view: The week in VR
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Field of view is the place where we round up everything VR flavoured we didn't get chance to cover each week. It's a bit of a shorter entry this time as we covered so much stuff on the site. No, really. E3 went VR games crazy.


Our US editor Lily Prasuethsut kept us up to date with all the latest E3 2016 VR news, spent some more time with PlayStation VR on her head playing the likes of Batman Arkham VR and Resident Evil VII, tried Razer's second open source headset, the HDK 2 and got to grips with the Manus VR gloves' new arm tracking. When she wasn't dodging smelly gamers at the LA expo, that is.


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You can get a Vive real quick now

Within two to three days, in fact, depending on where you live. The $799 high end headset is also getting more demo spaces in shops like Harrods and Dixons in the UK. You'll be able to walk out of a store with one by the end of June.

Incidentally, PlayStation VR demos are starting at Best Buy and GameStops in the US this week too.

VR vom time?

There have been a bunch of reports of E3 games, including the VR mode of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard for PS VR making gamers feel queasy due to the way you can control movement with an analog stick. One to keep an eye on.

Nintendo's not ready

And think you aren't, either. At least that's what Reggie Fils-Aime (of Nintendo America) has been saying at E3. "We've been looking at the VR space since the days of the Virtual Boy," he said. "With us, we want to make sure that our next content is going to be mainstream and mass market approachable."

Vrse = Within

A new name and $12.56 million worth of financing for Chris Milk's VR production company, which is behind some of our fave VR experiences so far. The Vrse app for Cardboard, Gear VR, Vive and Oculus will update to Within and investors include Vice, Tribeca FF and 21st Century Fox.


Play this: Dead Secret

This is a leisurely, at time creepy, always snoopy mystery game for the Gear VR that we loved exploring. Lots of looking around for clues, collecting items, quickly looking behind you when you hear a creak - or was it the wind? Think Cluedo meets GONE. It's also coming to PlayStation VR later this year.

Watch this: Batman Arkham VR trailer

OK, it's not in 360 degrees but we're really excited about this one - it's due out in October alongside the headset itself and comes from Rocksteady Studios. When you find a mask that fits...

What do you think of this week's VR news out of E3? What are you most excited about in terms of games and accessories?


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