Field of view: Virtual reality films hit Cannes Film Festival

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Field of view: The week in VR
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It's Friday and that's Field of view day. Which means you get this dose of VR news, links and recommendations from the Wareable team.

In virtual reality news since our last post, Vuze's 360-degree camera is up for pre-order, CCS Insight is predicting that 800,000 VR headsets will be sold in the UK this year and Manus VR's gloves are getting arm tracking when used with the HTC Vive. Wave goodbye to floating hands.

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Virtual reality films hit Cannes Film Festival

Thirty five VR films, to be exact, as part of the glamorous festival's Next program. Cannes' VR Days are on the 15 and 16 May (Sunday and Monday) so check back next week to see what the VR highlights of the festival are.

1 million people used a Gear VR last month

Now, that doesn't mean that a million people own a Gear VR headset but it's still an impressive figure. It comes from Max Cohen, head of mobile at Oculus, who shared the stat at an Oculus Mobile update event in San Francisco.

The Void ain't afraid of no ghosts

Remember The Void, the VR theme park in Utah? Well, it's taking a Ghostbusters experience to Madame Tussauds in Times Square, NYC with Sony Pictures. And yes, it's a frickin' ghost hunt. Opening on 1 July just before the remake.

Eyse camera lets you see what friends see

This $299 camera is on Kickstarter now - the idea is to let friends and family see what you see, live, in real time, in 360 degrees. Two HD cameras pivot 110 degrees within the "eye sockets". Freaky but potentially also very cool.

VR Party lets you DJ to dancers

A fun little Disrupt NY Hackathon project inspired by, VR Party is designed for the Gear VR and lets one (or more) users mix records in virtual reality while their mates - wherever they are - dance to the session. We totally want a go.

Play this: Universe Sandbox 2

Maybe this week's title should be 'Play this again' as this is one of the games featured in our cheat sheet on how to get started in confusing Vive and Rift games.

When games don't have tutorials, you're more likely to give up in VR than when you're just staring at your TV screen but if you stick around and experiment with the Vive's controllers in Universe Sandbox 2 ($24.99), you'll be rewarded.

Watch this: Tornado!

A couple of 360-degree videos of this tornado in Oklahoma have been doing the rounds on the web but this one is a good'un. The mind boggles. It's truly awesome.

Hack this: Play PC games on Cardboard

It was only a matter of time. VRidge is now in beta - it lets Cardboard owners play VR compatible PC games on their mobile headset. That includes Oculus games and, after a recent update, SteamVR games including Elite: Dangerous and Job Simulator. Warning: not every title will work. Instructions here.

Let us know what you're watching, playing and filming in VR this week, in the comments below.

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