Field of view: Amazon is probably about to get into VR

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Holy hell it's Field of view, back again, on fire and ready and raring to go. What's Field of view? Only the leanest, meanest VR news round-up on the web, hitting the site every Friday.

It's been a quiet week for VR coverage on the site - hey, we've been saving it all up for FOV. We looked at the future of haptics for wearable tech and VR. And Editor-in-Chief Paul Lamkin said what everyone has been thinking - there's too many VR platforms and standards and it's getting confusing. Right, what else?

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Amazon is probably about to get into VR

Amazon's leaking its own VR plans via job postings on - of all places - LinkedIn. It joins Hulu and Netflix in looking into VR television programming for its Amazon Video streaming service which is pretty damn good.

Feature length VR is heading to Venice Film Festival

Jesus related feature length VR, to be specific. OK, OK it's not what I would have chosen for virtual reality's big 'movie' debut. And I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it's not what you would have chosen either. But it's happening. The 4K, 360-degree Jesus VR: The Story of Christ is getting a 40 minute preview at the Venice Film Festival which starts 31 August. It'll be out on Christmas Day. Christ.

Oh hai virtual reality Call of Duty

A "one-off" COD: Infinite Warfare VR experience for PlayStation VR is heading to Activision's XP fan event in LA next week. It involves piloting a jackal fighter jet and unless it's terrible, gamers are gon' go wild.

Devs are devving for Vive and Rift

More than the Gear VR and the as-yet-unreleased Sony PlayStation VR. According to a report by the UBM Game Network, 49% of surveyed developers said they're making games and apps for Vive, 43% for Rift, 34% for Gear VR and just 13% for PSVR. That'll change soon enough.

Squanchtendo is the VR studio the world needs

Justin Roiland - co-creator and voice(s) of Rick and Morty - and ex-Epic Gameser Tanya Watson are launching a new VR games studio which is exciting. Expect Adult Humour and go check out this comic strip press release for more.

Play this: VR Noir

A new release for the Gear VR and Cardboard, VR Noir is well worth checking out. It's a interactive VR experience - so part TV, part game - in which you play a private detective, Veronica Coltrane.

Gameplay is Telltale Games-style: solving puzzles, talking to characters, looking for clues. Plus it's free.

Watch this: ObamaVR (Through the Ages)

Obama really needs to make the move to entertainment. After we saw him trying out a crappy mobile VR headset a while back, the POTUS is now the star of a 360-degree National Geographic, Oculus Felix & Paul video at Yosemite National Park. Watch it on your browser or Gear VR, Rift support coming soon.


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