Field of view: Valkyrie gets cross play between Rift, Vive and PSVR

VR notes from the past seven days
Field of view: The week in VR
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Welcome to Field of view, our new weekly column that tidies up the week's VR news, must-sees and recommendations every Friday. We might start calling it FOV once we get to know it better.


It's been a good week for virtual reality all told, here's the biggest headlines from the last seven days as well as what we've been up to:

The GoPro Omni got a price tag. We played Insomniac's latest Oculus exclusives in San Francisco. The Ossic X made-for-VR headphones raised $2.7m on Kickstarter. And Hollywood alumni showed off new VR animations at Tribeca Film Festival.

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VR porn room service is nearly a thing

It had to be Vegas. For pre- or post-strip club jaunts, porn studio VR Bangers will soon be offering guests at hotels on the Strip the chance to rent an AuraVisor mobile VR headset for $19.99 a go. Scenes will supposedly replicate the hotel room (easy enough).


EVE: Valkyrie gets cross play between Rift, Vive and PSVR

Pretty self explanatory, this one. EVE: Valkyrie is one of the highest profile VR games we've seen so far and at CCP Games' EVE FanFest in Iceland, exec producer Owen O'Brien announced that gamers will be able to "fight together and die together" no matter which headset they're wearing. No confirmation of when yet - it's out for Vive later this year and PSVR at launch.

Liquid filled lenses could help VR's focus problem

Engineers and perceptual scientists from Stanford and Dartmouth have fitted an Oculus Rift with liquid-filled lenses. The focus can be adapted in real time depending on whether CG objects are nearer or further away.

YouTube gets live 360 degree streaming

Google launched live streaming of 360 degree YouTube videos this week, for Android, iPhone and desktop. Plus it's adding spatial audio for on demand (not live) videos too. Already, we've seen a live 360 news broadcast and live 360 performance by experimental electronic/R&B musician Dawn.

Play this: Circumpaint

Got a Samsung Gear VR? Got kids? Or if not, got a childlike sense of wonder and creativity? Then give Circumpaint a go. It's a new VR painting and (simple) animation app which places you in the centre of a canvas on a kind of dome of pixels around you. And it's freakin' fun.


Hype this: Google I/O

We got a couple of hints of what we can expect in terms of VR from Google I/O which run from 18 - 20 May. There's a session called Google's Vision for VR on 19 May at 9am PST including "what we have learned and where we are headed". Plus sessions on VR Cinema and coding VR games. We'll be there.

Watch this: Jungle Book!

Sure 360 degree video does need to get out of its promo stage. But when it's a short scene inside the world of Jon Favreau's lush new "live action" (mostly CG) The Jungle Book, we'll allow it. Enjoy.

Mock this: Potential names for this feature

Shout out to all the names we discarded: VRmageddon, Heads Up, Immerse Yo' self, Sensorama, Futurama, VR 360, View Master, Low Latency, High Latency, Virtual Insanity, Head Space. We are professionals. Honest.

Let us know what you've been buying, playing and hating on in virtual reality this week in the comments below or over on the Wareable Forum.


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