Field of view: The Void is getting nine new VR centers in the US

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Hold up, they don't love you like Field of view loves you. If you read one thing on the site this week, read Husain's final VR diary entry on making friends in virtual reality. It's delightful. In fact, just go back and read the whole series.


Meanwhile, this week's Charged Up saw us getting into the latest Magic Leap 'reveal' and its strategy for building an ecosystem. Apple's ARKit 2.0 launched at dub dub with multiplayer support and a new Measure app. DreamWorld launched an afforable 2.5K DreamGlass AR headset. And our big list of the 20 hottest wearable tech startups to watch in 2018 has more than a few VR and AR companies to keep an eye on this year. Plus find out what last year's entries are up to.

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The Void is expanding

Big news for location based VR as The Void just announced it's coming to nine new spots in the US. If you haven't tried out its Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience yet, you'll be happy to know The Void is setting up shop with its immersive physical spaces in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Santa Monica, Atlanta, Austin, Hollywood, New York City, Dallas and Minneapolis.


What with its success elsewhere in the UK, Dubai and Toronto, Canada and its partnership with Disney theme parks, The Void could make good on its promise to span the globe with its 'hyper-reality' VR playgrounds. Yes please.

Field of view: The Void is getting nine new VR centers in the US

Samsung Gear VR could become Galaxy VR

Not sure why Samsung is bothering here, except maybe to shift more smartphones which is no small business, but it might be rebranding its mobile VR headset line. (Get yourself a discount here).

Gear does of course also refer to its line of smartwatches so it might also be to give these a bit of space although the rumblings are that the Galaxy name will now be across the board. Just a rumour for now but the report over at SamMobile seems too legit to quit.

Stormland is an open world game for Oculus Rift

This news has got hardcore Rift gamers all in a tizz - Stormland is a joint effort from Insomniac Games (Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank) and Oculus Studios that's set to offer Rifters an expansive game world to explore. Oculus itself is banking on a big, open world game to keep its users happy and sell more headsets.


From the artwork and what we know so far, you play as a Johnny Five-alike robot minding its own business gardening on an alien planet until a threat comes along. Influences apparently include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and we're sure there will be plenty more hype before it lands in 2019.

Play this: Moss

This charming mouse adventure - which you might have played on PS VR - has just landed for the HTC Vive, SteamVR and Oculus Rift. A bit of a surprise virtual reality hit for the first half of 2018, Moss from Polyarc Games plays like a classic action/adventure puzzler but also really feels made for VR with both first person and third person modes. People bloody love it.

Watch this: NASA's Orion Nebula Flight

I'm really digging all the 360 space videos zipping about. And with the Mars Curiosity Rover doing its thing on Mars this week combined with some mad stress on this planet, the only logical thing to do on a Friday night is stick on a mobile VR headset and fly through a nebula, with some classical strings to play me through. It's a trip.


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