Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Meet the Stereolabs Linq

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Hey, you there. Slow down, there's hours of Black Friday left, maybe something happening on Monday. Stay a while and get some TLC in the form of Field of view, our weekly column of what's crackin' in the world of VR.

I wouldn't say it's been a slow week of VR stories on the site, I'd say exclusive. We put together a VR headset buying guide in case you're a beginner getting gifts, we took in some virtual reality art and had a look at Microsoft's Windows 10 VR headset plans. But that's not all, as usual, we saved a few juicy pieces of news and videos for FOV.

Read this - News blips and tidbits

Stereolabs' Linq mixed reality headset

Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Meet the Stereolabs Linq

Smash! (See main image). This new HoloLens competitor - the Linq - is a mixed reality headset that's set to launch for the "price of a games console" i.e affordable.

Its 3D Zed cameras can recognise people and objects up to 20m away without the use of any other sensors, cameras or basestations as well as understand how you move in a room. And the final model won't be tethered to a computer. Dev kit is due in 2017. Exciting.

Microsoft's VR headset requirements..

..Are as follows: it's new program of third party c.$300 'Windows Holographic' VR headsets appear to need 4GB of RAM, a USB 3.0 port, a graphics card with DirectX 12 support and a four CPU cores with dual core processors with hyperthreading. So it won't necessarily cost you the world to get compatible.

Oculus Touch buyers get free games

Specifically, First Contact, Dead and Buried, Medium, Oculus Quill (Beta), Robo Recall (in early 2017) and if you pre-ordered The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge too.

Settlers of Catan is coming to VR

OK, it's a prototype but a project at the VR NOW Con shows off exactly that - the popular geek board game in virtual reality right down to holding your cards, throwing dice and picking up resource tiles. I'm only a recent convert but this is pretty cool. Our US editor Lily Prasuethsut who has written about her love for both board games and VR will be no doubt be super stoked.

Watch this: A spoof ad for Oculus

Just cos. I've definitely had to pop up my headset to check the Wareable office isn't getting robbed around me on more than one occasion.

Try this: Shopaggedon

Field of view: The week in virtual reality

Black Friday is weird, right? Right? That's the thinking behind the VR experiment Shoppageddon from Wieden + Kennedy London. It's designed to be an over the top futuristic shopping experience. "Ram it into your eyeholes" over here.

Draw this: Adobe Project Dali

I'd just finished writing up the awesome VR art experiments with Tilt Brush at the Royal Academy when I saw Adobe is - of course - getting in on the action, too. Project Dali is also a HTC Vive tool and no doubt it will offer a more advanced set of brushes, settings and controls. Adobe Research calls it an "endless creative canvas". Coming soon.


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