Field of View: SteamVR games are coming to Windows Mixed Reality

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Field of View: The week in AR and VR
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You know what the end of another week means, don't ya? It's time for Field of View, our weekly roundup of the AR & VR news stories of the week. However, this edition comes in the aftermath of not just any week.


The Wareable Tech Awards happened this week, with the two big VR/AR awards of the night being VR/AR Experience of the Year and VR/AR Innovation of the year. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard nabbed the experience award, with a highly commended nod going to Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. The enormously versatile Vive Trackers took innovation, with Apple ARKit taking highly commended.

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For a just a second though, take off that headset and peruse our weekly roundup of what's been going down this week.

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SteamVR games is coming to Windows Mixed Reality

We already knew that SteamVR was going to come to Windows Mixed Reality, but we didn't really know when. Now we do. They'll be available on 15 November, as revealed by Microsoft to Rolling Stone. However, this is just a preview program to help Microsoft test things out until the final software is ready to go. Either way, you'll be able to play SteamVR games on Windows Mixed Reality, giving the budding ecosystem a nice injection of content.

Field of View: SteamVR games coming to Windows Mixed Reality 15 November


Olympus' open-source smart glasses

Industries have already started using AR glasses from companies like Epson and Vuzix, but the problem with those systems are that they're closed. Olympus wants to step in to solve that problem with its new EyeTrack Insight El-10 smart glasses. They're open source so companies and industries can customize them to their needs. They also come with a tiny 600 x 400 OLED display, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, 1GB of RAM, 8GB storage, battery life for 30 to 60 minutes and a headphone jack. It'll cost $1,500.

HTC launches Vive Arts

HTC Vive have been teaming up with celebrated museums from all over the world to create VR art installations, including the Royal Academy of the Arts, Newseum, Tate Modern, Taipei's National Palace Museum, and the French National Museum of Natural History.

Now it's taking the next step with the launch of Vive Arts, which will help these museums, others like them and other cultural institutions, fund and develop VR installations. The goal is to further the education of art around the globe, and in the home - as these experiences will also be available on Viveport for download. The initiative will launch on 23 November at the Tate Modern with the Modigliani experience.

Gran Turismo Sport PSVR bundle arrives in US

Gran Turismo is still a big seller on PlayStation, and Sony took advantage of its popularity to sell some PSVR systems in the UK with the Gran Turismo Sport PSVR bundle. Now it's looking to do the same in the US.

The bundle will net you a PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, a physical copy of Gran Turismo Sport and the new PSVR demo disc, which includes 13 demos. It's available for $399.99 now.


Epson launches AR drone simulator app

Epson's partnership with DJI has already let drone pilots see what their drones are seeing, but now the two companies are looking to train pilots before they ever take the skies. Epson has launched an AR app for its Moverio BT-300 smart glasses that'll allow users to pilot a digital drone in the real world with actual DJI flight controllers. This'll allow you to practice and get your bearings straight before you take the skies and do it for real. The app will officially launch later this year, but is available to try at DJI stores and drone retailers.

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Field of View: SteamVR games coming to Windows Mixed Reality 15 November

The new PSVR bundles come with a brand new demo disc of PSVR goodies, letting you test and show off a range of VR experiences. However you actually need to buy the new PSVR bundles to play them. Well, until now, as Sony has released a digital version of the demo disc on PSN.

All you have to do is download it, and you'll be able to play all 13 demos: BattleZone, Dino Frontier, EVE: Valkyrie, Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator, Moss, Raw Data, Rez Infinite, Starblood Arena, Star Child, The Persistence, Thumber, and Tiny Trax.

Watch this: Sensation of Sound

The New York Times is a consistent producer of good VR and 360 videos, and the latest, Sensation of Sound, is no different. This one crafts an immersive experience around a woman who shares her experience of hearing sound for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant. It combines sound design, animation and live action for a really great 360 experience.


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