SpaceVR filming slated for next year

Thanks to SpaceVR, we'll soon be able to see the stars up close and personal
SpaceVR filming slated for next year
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SpaceVR is determined to send us all to the moon and beyond, or at least let us experience what astronauts get to see.

Announced last year, the project from the start up promised to send a special 360-degree camera consisting of two 4K lenses with wide field of view into space to capture the stars.

This week, it's been revealed that funding has been reached at 1.25 million dollars and the camera, named Overview 1, will be launching some time next year.

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SpaceVR is also planning on filming space from its own cube satellite opposed to its original plan of capturing footage from the International Space Station.

The camera will beam back images to the company who will then stitch the footage together to make available to users. However, SpaceVR CEO Ryan Holmes told The Verge that the real goal is live 24/7 streams that users can tune into.

Experiencing VR space won't be free - preorders are available now where $35 allows access to 12 months of content. SpaceVR will also throw in a VR viewing device - likely a Google Cardboard or a similar offshoot. That sounds like a solid deal to pretend you're an astronaut for a year.


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