Field of View: Sony's PSVR tracking system plans revealed

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Welcome VR lovers to the latest instalment of Field of View, the only place to catch up on what's been happening in the wonderful world of virtual reality.


This week, our US editor Hugh spent a day out at IMAX's first ever VR cinema, we explored the future of VR dating, got to see how VR is helping kids with hospital anxiety and found out about HTC's mobile VR plans.

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We've also picked out some of the VR stories you may have missed including talk of new Sony PSVR hardware, a big Vive experience heading to the Oculus Rift and personalised VR displays. Read on and enjoy.

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Sony PSVR's Vive-like tracking system

Sony has filed a patent for a VR tracking system that'll let you walk around virtual worlds just like you can with HTC's virtual reality setup. The patent suggests a system based on light and mirrors that uses a beam projector to determine the player's position. It's a logical next step for Sony's virtual reality system, but the question is whether this is one for the current system or for a PSVR 2.


Feeling the wind and the rain

A student at the National University of Singapore has developed a VR accessory called the Ambiotherm that aims to bring weather to your immersive experiences. The wind module clips onto the bottom of a headset and will simulate wind blowing in your face. A second temperature module attaches to the back of the neck and aims to replicate the sun beating down on you when you're walking through a virtual desert. You can see the setup in action in the video above.

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VR displays for your eyes only

Scientists at Stanford University are developing virtual reality displays that are better optimised for your eyes in a bid to reduce nausea and headaches that some users can experience when donning a headset. The researchers have already developed prototypes, one of which uses liquid lenses while the other works like a pair of binoculars, to improve the way the eyes focus on one point to make entering immersive worlds more comfortable.

Share your HoloLens experiences

Microsoft's new Spectator View Cam will help bring mixed reality to life by allowing users to live stream holographic experiences to an audience. The camera uses Mixed Reality Capture technology and will also support the ability to capture photo and video of a mixed AR scene.

A must-see Sony PSVR performance

The new Joshua Bell VR Experience has just landed in the PlayStation Store and it's further proof that Sony's headset is not just about gaming. Giving you a front row seat at an intimate performance with the world-class violinist, the production fully embraces positional tracking to make this a standout PSVR experience to check out.


Hang out with the It's Always Sunny gang

If you're big fans of Mac, Charlie, Dee, Dennis and Frank, this NSFW VR vid let's you get up close with the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast as Mac sets up his latest Project Badass stunt. The four-minute episode is available to download through the Jaunt app, plus there's a 360-degree video version as well if you can't get your hands on a VR headset.

Play this: Everest VR

Previously a HTC Vive only title, Everest VR has finally landed for the Oculus Rift. It's still largely the same virtual mountaineering experience, but you do get some extra like an expanded God mode and there's support for the Oculus Touch controllers. Make sure your PC is fully equipped to run it and then you're good to start scaling the Earth's highest mountain.

Price: $14.99 | Download Everest VR for Rift

Watch: The Kills - Whirling Eye

VR music videos are becoming a thing and The Kills are the latest to embrace virtual reality for its latest single, Whirling Eye. Directed by Sophie Muller who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Blur and Kings of Leon, the immersive experience follows the indie band duo as they hit a host of different locations including a roller disco rink and a junkyard.

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