Field of View: Sony gives the PlayStation VR a big price cut

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Welcome one and all to the latest instalment of Field of View. If this is the first time you've dropped by, we're here to catch you up on what's been happening in the world of VR and AR.


Before we get into all of that, there's also the small matter of what's been happening on the site, including breaking down what you need to know about standalone headsets and the latest instalment of Husain's brilliant VR diary (this week's a goodun).

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And we're not done. We've picked out the best of the rest of the news as well as a game you need to play and a vid that'll get you grabbing for your headset.

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Sony is making the PlayStation VR cheaper

After HTC recently cut the price of the original Vive, Sony has followed suit and is making its VR headset a more affordable proposition. You can now pick up the PSVR with the PlayStation Camera for $299 which is down from the previous $399 retail price. Sony also revealed that it now has approximately 300 PVR software titles available since the headset launched in October 2016.


The Apple ARKit download numbers are in...

Analysts at Sensor Tower has been poring over the data and has revealed that 13 million AR apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store since 19 September 2017. That's the day when iOS 11 started rolling out and introduced augmented reality to iPhone and iPad owners.

AR games accounted for nearly half of the downloads in the first six months and hit three million downloads just a month after iOS 11 launched. While games seem to be leading the way, lifestyle AR app downloads are showing growth to with the likes of Ikea and Wayfair's apps proving popular downloads too.

Oculus celebrates Rift's 2nd birthday with discounts

Yes, the Oculus Rift is already two years old and to celebrate it's offering a bunch of deals and some new things to play on your Rift. On the games front, OrbusVR and Ultrawings will be updated with new levels and gear. Onto the deals and Oculus is offering up to 75% off on a host of games including Lone Echo and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Also, anyone that buys an Oculus Rift up until 3 April will get $50 Oculus Store credit.

VR lets the blind see world famous sculptures

Now this is very cool. The National Gallery of Prague is using HTC's Vive trackers worn on gloves that offer haptic feedback to allow visitors to feel virtual versions of famous sculptures like the Venus de Milo and Michelangelo's David.


The VR experience is part of the Gallery's Touching Masterpieces exhibition and is born from a collaboration between VR company NeuroDigital, Geometry Prague and the Leontinka Foundation charity. Hit the play button on the video above to get a sense of how it all works.

Lytro shuts down as team members head to Google

The startup that focused on making cameras before using its light-field imaging tech for VR announced in a blog post that it was closing its doors. While there were rumours that Google was eyeing up purchasing Lytro, it looks like some of the team will still be joining Google. No doubt to work on its various VR and AR projects.

Play this: Gran Turismo Sport

It's good news for Gran Turismo Sport fans who picked up the PS4 game last year and were left disappointed by the solitary VR mode. A big update is rolling out, which now adds a VR time trial mode to the mix. There's also a bunch of new cars added to the GT mix, but beefing up the VR mode options is definitely the big news here.

Watch this: The Joy of Frogs

It's spring time, which we celebrate mainly because it stays light for longer and we are that bit closer to the summer. It's also a time for many wildlife to resurface after the winter. Like the frogs when it's time to do some mating and The Guardian has captured the mating season in glorious 360-degree video. Enjoy wildlife lovers.


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