Field of view: Magic Leap to get a spacial audio boost from Sennheiser

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Welcome one and all to the latest edition of Field of view giving you the lowdown on everything that happened in the VR and AR realms this week.

We have to talk about Oculus Connect first, because there was A LOT to talk about. The headline news was the Oculus Quest VR headset that we managed to get some hands on time with. The Facebook-owned VR company also announced there'll be a Darth Vader launch game for the Quest and away from gaming it's also delving deeper into the health space. For all of the other stories, you can check out our handy Oculus Connect 2018 news round-up.

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Once you've caught up on all things Oculus related, you can find out about a Nintendo VR console that never launched, a smart AR motorcycle helmet and we give you our recommendations for a VR game you need in your life and video you need to watch.

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Sennheiser to give Magic Leap an audio boost

The headphone and audio company has announced it's going to build spacial audio devices that will work with Magic Leap's AR hardware. Sennheiser is now part of the AR startup's Works with Magic Leap certification program to ensure that any hardware it builds plays nice with the AR platform. There's no details on what this spacial audio tech is going to look like, but Sennheiser has hinted that it will reveal more at Magic Leap's LEAP conference, which takes place in October.

Nintendo's VR console that never launched

It seems that around the time Ninty was working on launching its Virtual Boy games console, the games company was also toying with the development of another VR console. That's according to Jeremy San founder of video game developer Argonaut Games. San says that his company was involved in building a prototype referred to as the 'Super Visor'. The Visor apparently delivered full colour and head tracking, but it was cancelled in favour of the Virtual Boy.

Skully's smart AR motorcycle helmet starts shipping

Remember Skully? The startup raised big bucks through crowdfunding for its AR-1 motorcycle helmet. But then it ceased operations leaving the wearable unfinished and a lot of angry backers. The project was brought back to life in 2017 and one year later it's finally shipping. The Fenix AR helmet is an improved version of the AR-1 offering a heads-up display that can offer turn-by-turn navigation, voice control and a rear-view camera. Skully Technologies is also shipping helmets to anyone that backed the previous campaign or pre-ordered the AR-1, which is a nice touch.

Philip K. Dick VR story heading to Vive and Rift

After debuting at the Venice Film Festival, Philip K. Dick's The Great C is going to be available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners. Landing on 9 October, this is the first time the author's work will be given the VR treatment and tells the story of a society under the rule of a supercomputer. PlayStation VR owners will have to wait until 2019 to get a taste of the immersive sci-fi adventure.

Cycling UK wants drivers to think more about cyclists

The national cycling charity has produced a VR film that shows the dangers of drivers passing cyclists too closely. Too Close For Comfort is a 360-degree video that gives drivers a cyclist's point of view to experience a close pass. Cycling UK is trying to raise £15,000 on Kickstarter to provide the video and a VR headset to UK police forces across the country free of charge.


Play this: Creed - Rise to Glory

PlayStation owners can now duke it out with Rock's protégé as the boxing game based on the iconic film lands for Sony's PSVR headset. You can rise through the ranks on your own or have more fun getting online to show off your skills in the ring. Just make sure you make room in your VR space to dance around that virtual ring to avoid ending up lying on the canvas. It's available now on the PlayStation Store for $29.99 if you want a piece of the action.

Watch this: Jaunt's AR selfies

Jaunt is probably best known for making slick 360-degree videos and VR films and now it's dipping its toes into the world of mixed reality too. In this video it's demonstrating how it's using Intel's RealSense depth cameras to create 360-degree avatars that can be streamed to mobile device. It's all very impressive stuff and yet another example of of the capabilities of using mixed reality.

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