Field of view: Samsung readies more Gear VR accessories

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Welcome VR lovers to the latest instalment of Field of view, the only place to catch up on what's been happening in the wonderful world of virtual reality.

This week, Apple made the headlines for getting serious about VR with its latest MacOS update meaning its computers will now play nicely with the HTC Vive, and Oculus is now making VR free by putting its Rift headsets inside libraries.

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There's also been plenty of other smaller VR-related tidbits that we've decided to round up here, including news on the PlayStation VR and the Vive, plus we pick out a game and 360-degree video you need to check out pronto.

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Patent points to new Gear VR accessories

Samsung's VR headset is one of the best in the business so it's no surprise to learn that the Korean company could be planning to make it even better. A couple of new patents surfaced this week suggesting that it's looking at ways to help you better interact with VR worlds. The first add-on is a touchpad that will support the ability to swipe, pinch to zoom and scroll. So basically taking a touchpad from a phone and putting onto a VR headset.

The second device is described a wheel key and will enable users to scroll and click the wheel to select items and could be used to rotate objects or even control a drone. It all sounds very interesting.

Nyko's official Gear VR gamepad

Field of view: Samsung readies more Gear VR accessories

One Gear VR accessory we know is definitely happening is the one being built by gaming peripheral maker Nyko. Set to be the first official GamePad for the Gear VR, the PlayPad VR looks like a pretty standard controller with dual sticks, action buttons, shoulder buttons and a D-Pad all in tow. One of the nice touches is that it can be clipped into the space reserved for the Gear VR's faceplate when it's not being used. We're expecting to see the PlayPad VR pop up at E3 next week.

48-hour VR party people

Whether you talk to Facebook, HTC or PlayStation, all VR headset makers recommend you shouldn't spend large amounts of time in VR for the sake of your health. Two people decided to ignore those warnings and chose to spend 48 hours wearing a VR headset.

Why did they do it? To explore the concept of the ideal time to spend in VR. While they took breaks for five minutes every hour, they did more than just play games or watch videos. You get a taste of what they got up to in the video below.

Big PlayStationVR sales

It's all been a bit quiet on the PlayStationVR software front since launching last year, but that has not stopped Sony shifting a whole load of the headsets.

This week the company announced it has now sold more than 1 million PlayStation VRs, which means it's performing better than the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. It does still lag behind the Gear VR with Samsung having racked up more than 5 million sales of its mobile VR headset.

Breaking Bad VR anyone?

Yes, according to the creator of the hit series Vince Gilligan, he's teaming up with Sony PlayStation to create a virtual reality experience based on the show.

There's no real details on how this is going take shape and whether it'll feature any of the cast because it's a project very much still in the early stages of development. So we might have to wait a while yet before we're hanging out in Los Pollos Hermanos.

HTC's Viveport library continues to grow

HTC made its VR subscription service a more attractive proposition by adding 75 new titles that takes the library over the 150 mark. Among the new VR treats added are Knockout League, Overkill, Sairento VR and a host of other games that will be available outside of Asia for the very first time.

Play this: Country of One

If you really need some alone time in your VR space, this open world game will treat you to some serious immersive solitude by dropping you onto your own island. You can parachute around the landscape, chop up some wood to build yourself some accommodation or maybe just spend the night staring up the stars.

It's available to download now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners with co-op multiplayer and survival modes pencilled in for a future update.

Price: $8.99 | Download Country of One

Watch this: We Wear Culture

Google Arts and Culture has launched its new project that takes a look back at the history of fashion pulling together high resolution photos and immersive videos to a take trip down memory lane.

If you want to check it out, you'll need to head to the We Wear Culture online page or download the Google Arts & Culture smartphone app (iOS or Android) to get your fashion fix.

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