Runtastic merges VR and personal training for its latest workout

Proof of concept 7-minute workout shown off by fitness expert

Here at Wareable, we’re all about the connected self revolution. As such, we’re big fans of the massively versatile Runtastic platform and we’re tremendously excited about the boom in VR.

So, combine the two and we are, of course…baffled.

Allow us to explain. Runtastic has demoed a proof of concept idea that merges its health and fitness platform with virtual reality.

Its 7-minute workout puts you in a room with your personal trainer (who surely must be hot working out right next to an open fireplace) and you can look around and soak in the virtual atmosphere while you get sweaty.

And, working out with an Oculus Rift strapped to your head, you’re going to get sweaty.

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It’s a nice idea but it is incredibly impractical. But, given it’s a proof of concept, we’ll give Runtastic the benefit of the doubt as we could, maybe, see this working in the future with a lightweight, wireless pair of specs.

But for now, we'll definitely pass.


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