Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Ready Player One is coming to HTC Vive

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The week in virtual reality
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This week we've been weirded out (but not surprised) by news that Palmer Luckey is leaving Facebook & Oculus.


Plus, aside from some Samsung news - a new Gear VR finish, a livestreaming Gear 360 camera and Samsung VR service - we've been checking in with HTC. Alongside its Tracker going on sale this week, it has a few more news blips which you'll find below.

More industry moves: Oculus has a new head of hardware who spent 15 years at Apple. And future Amazon retail stores could let you use VR and AR to shop for furniture.

But that ain't it, so keep scrolling for more VR news and recommendations from the past seven days.

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Ready Player Vive

HTC is gearing up for a series of Ready Player One VR experiences before the release of Steven Spielberg's movie adaptation in March 2018. That, of course, includes location-based treats via Viveport Arcades. If you haven't read Ernest Cline's novel, take that headset off for a minute and grab a Kindle - stat.


Vive X gets 30 new startups

HTC's huge $100 million VR & AR accelerator just got 30 new members. The Batch 2 companies are based in San Francisco, Shenzhen, Beijing and Taipei and cover everything from social, multiplayer and advertising to gaze and expression tracking; even temperature and pain sensing technologies. Vive X is also setting up shop in Israel.

IMAX VR is doing quite nicely

The IMAX LA VR Center, which we visited when it opened, has seen 15,000 admissions (per experience, not total visitor numbers) since January, according to UploadVR. That's pretty promising for the initiative which lets people try Vive and StarVR headsets out for $10 or $20. Now, on behalf of the UK, where's that Manchester Odeon one got to?

Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Ready Player One is coming to HTC Vive

An Oculus spring clean

Samsung isn't abandoning Oculus on the Gear VR just because it has a new platform. No, Oculus has actually just upgraded the visuals and load times of its homescreen on Samsung's Gear VR.

The most beautiful VR headset

That's what design blog Yanko Design is calling this Mild VR headset concept (above) by designer Heejin Youn. It's part sleeping mask and part LG 360 VR. And for that latter reason we're not totally sold. Still, we like the fabric, the controller and the hidden buttons.


Try this: Kinoscope

Within (previously Vrse) is available for most VR platforms including mobile VR. Just download the iOS or Android app and stick your phone in a headset.

This ten-minute treat is currently in the Within library and continues this week's (accidental) movie theme in Field of view. Kinoscope takes you on a delightful visual journey through cinema from the first key moments via some all time great directors' styles. Oscar-winning production designer Dean Tavoularis provides an amazing voiceover too.

You can also watch it here online or above on YT but you know, don't. Tuck yourself into a nook with a headset and don't forget the headphones.

Watch this: Ghost in the Shell

Here's Paramount's teaser trailer for a Ghost in the Shell VR experience that lands on Oculus Rift and Gear VR later today. We're hoping for something substantial. Let us know in the comments if you download it... and what else you're playing and watching in VR for that matter.


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