Field of view: Qualcomm wants to help bring AR glasses to the masses

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Welcome to Field of view, the only place to find out what's been happening in the weird and wonderful worlds of VR and AR.

This week, we're talking AR glasses, a creative tool to take into the virtual realms and some good news for Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset owners. Plus, we pick out a much-anticipated PSVR game you need in your life this week.

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Qualcomm unveils reference design for AR glasses

The chipset maker is ready to help companies make smartglasses a possibility much quicker by launching its XR Smart Viewer reference design.

The Viewer is made up of a pair of lightweight glasses equipped with high resolution displays, which work alongside a host of sensors that offer the ability to track hands, movement and your eyes.

The glasses, which must be connected to a smartphone or computing puck, support six-degrees of freedom (6Dof) tracking to track movement in virtual and augmented spaces without external sensors. The Viewer also works with 6DoF controllers, offering the ability to interact with virtual objects by tapping and pinching along with other gestures.

Qualcomm teamed up with eye-tracking experts Tobii to add that functionality into the reference design, while the power is provided by Qualcomm's dedicated VR/AR XR1 chip, which it unveiled in 2018.

The reference design headsets will be sold to interested business with hopes that the first headsets will start rolling out in 2019, with more landing in 2020.


Logitech made a stylus for VR

The accessory maker has decided to dip its toes into VR with a stylus that's designed to let you draw more accurately in the immersive realms. The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition is essentially a pen-shaped controller that will allow users to get creative in the air and on flat surfaces. It also includes buttons, grip controls and a touchstrip to support the ability to play with objects in virtual reality. Logitech is going to roll a limited amount of the devices out to partners later this year.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets get Viveport Infinity support

Field of view: Qualcomm wants to help bring AR glasses to the masses

Owners of a Windows Mixed Reality headset have just received a big software boost courtesy of HTC's Viveport Infinity streaming service.

From the 5 June, you'll be able to subscribe to the new service that offers unlimited VR games and experiences for a $12.99 monthly fee. It's currently a 600-strong catalogue to choose from, but only 200 of those titles will actually be compatible with headsets powered by Microsoft's platform at launch.

In addition to the arrival of Infinity, HTC will also be rolling out its Viveport store, offering an alternative way to find something new to pull your headset on for.

AR startup Meta is back with a new name

Field of view: Qualcomm wants to help bring AR glasses to the masses

If you're familiar with all things AR, Meta was a startup that was making a HoloLens-rivalling headset. But then it all went wrong and it was forced to shut down due to a patent infringement lawsuit and an asset liquidation that left the Meta insolvent.

Now a newly formed startup called Meta View is trying to revive Meta's AR dream by by buying the old startup's assets. The new company is being led by a former Qualcomm executive but it's unclear as yet if it will take that old tech and put it inside of an enterprise or consumer-friendly hardware.

Try this: Blood & Truth

We've had to wait a while for this one, but the PSVR-exclusive has finally landed. First teased back in 2017, the rail-shooter-slash-gangster tale has been developed by the folks behind The Getaway and London Heist PSVR launch experiences. Thankfully, it looks like it's been worth the wait and seems set to be one of the best action VR games you can don your PSVR headset for.

$39, Buy Blood & Truth from PlayStation Store


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