Field of View: The week in VR - The Oculus Rift just became more affordable

All the big news and games from this week in VR
Field of view: The week in VR
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Well, that was a week. Not that we're usually short of news for our Friday VR roundup, but with GDC taking place there's been approximately 500,000,000% more to write about.

On the site we've tested LG's SteamVR headset and learned about Microsoft's plans for mixed reality on PC and Xbox One. We then had our minds blown with some impressive eye-tracking tech, and took Qualcomm's all-in-one VR system for a whirl.

Oh yeah, and we also got to try the next bunch of games coming to the Oculus Rift. Phew. But wait, there's more!

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Field of View: The week in VR - The Oculus Rift becomes more affordable

Oculus Rift and Touch get a price slash

This week Oculus announced it was slashing $100 off the price of the Rift, and $100 off the Touch, offering a bundle of the two for $598. That's huge, and better positions the Rift against the HTC Vive, which costs $799 (with wand controllers included).

By pushing the Rift and Touch as a complete, now cheaper package, Oculus and Facebook are doing exactly what we argued; Touch is the future of the Rift, and it's important to get it into the hands of everyone who also owns the headset.

PS VR Aim controller gets a release date

The PS VR Aim gun, revealed last year, will be in our hands on 16 May. The peripheral is launching with the game Farpoint, and developer Impulse Gear confirmed the release date to Road to VR at GDC 2017.

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The Aim controller, which we tried last year during a Farpoint demo, includes an analogue stick for movement as the PS VR isn't capable of room scale tracking. Plus, it's a two-handed device.

Samsung shows secret standalone headsets

The week's VR news wasn't completely localised to San Francisco's GDC. At MWC, Samsung was reportedly showing off untethered VR headsets running on its latest Exynos 8895 chip (its rival to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835). PCWorld reports that the company was giving the demos to select partners - no press or public were allowed a look-in - and it's unclear what quality of experience this would have been.

We know the new chip supports head tracking and motion detecting, so that's a safe bet, but this won't necessarily lead to a standalone device from Samsung itself. It seems like this was more about persuading other companies to use its chip in their own VR devices.

Play this: Robo Recall

Field of View: The week in VR - The Oculus Rift becomes more affordable

Epic Games' Robo Recall is now out on the Rift, and it's free for Oculus Touch owners. But that's not why you should get it; you should get it because it's a fantastic, fun, polished VR experience, and easily one of the best Oculus Rift games we've played. You can also rip a robot's arms off and use them as batons. 'Nuff said.

Try this: Tour Scotland... in VR

Virtual reality has big potential in the tourism industry, and already there are experiences to try. For example, you can explore some of Scotland's key tourist locations through the new Visit Scotland VR app, as Gizmodo reports. Of course, the try-before-you-buy system may not work for everyone when it comes to tourism and vacations; perhaps you don't want to lessen the "wow" moment of seeing Edinburgh Castle because you saw a slightly blurrier version on Google Cardboard the week before. But if that doesn't bother you, get your fill.


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