EVE: Valkyrie will ship for free with Oculus Rift pre-orders

Get your space-shooting fix in VR with the upcoming Rift launch

Virtual reality space shooter, EVE: Valkyrie, will ship free with every pre-ordered Oculus Rift headset when it launches in early 2016.

EVE: Valkyrie has been synonymous with Oculus Rift and has long been championed as an example of the power of VR, so it's no surprise that the two are partnering up for launch. CCP game designer Erich Cooper told Wareable in March that if Rift was ready to ship before the end of 2015, so would Valkyrie.

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CCP Games also confirmed that Valkyrie would be available on PlayStation VR. However, Sony is still not quite ready to ship its headset. The company has revealed that PlayStation VR is due sometime within the first half of 2016.

In our 2016 Wareable 50 list, VR topped the chart as the biggest innovation set to rock the world of tech in 2016 – and it seems the focus is already shifting to the respective launches of these headsets. We're looking forward to what indie and major game makers have in store for us next year.

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