Oculus Rift launch titles near completion as final hardware begins shipping

Pre-orders will open in the new year for the virtual reality headset
Oculus Rift launch titles near completion
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Oculus is well on track for a Q1 consumer release for its Rift headset. Not only has the company announced that final hardware is being shipped so developers can put "final touches on launch titles", but the company's boss has confirmed pre-orders will open in the new year.


On an official blog post to announce that Rift SDK 1.0 is now shipping to devs with early builds of final Rift hardware, the company also stated: "We're looking forward to seeing your VR experiences on Rift when it launches in Q1."


That message was echoed by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey on Twitter, who also spilled the beans on pre-orders for the virtual reality headset...

The Q1 launch means that Oculus will beat HTC to the PC-powered VR punch.

The HTC Vive, the Steam VR powered headset built in collaboration with Valve, will go on sale in April 2016 - not the end of 2015 as previously promised.

There's no news yet on a price for either of the headsets or indeed that of the main console contender, PlayStation VR.


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