Oculus Rift is heading to brick-and-mortar stores

Before many preorders even head out
Oculus Rift heads to brick-and-mortar stores
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Starting this weekend on 7 May, Oculus Rift will be making appearances in Best Buy stores across America allowing the general public to buy the VR headset. While this is great for people curious about the burgeoning tech, it's pretty irritating for the early bird buyers who haven't even received their Rifts yet.


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However, instead of impatiently waiting for one to ship home, Oculus is letting you grab one from a store instead. You'll still get the EVE: Valkyrie Founder's Pack and priority status for Touch preorders.


Head to your Rift's order status and let the company know you've purchased a Rift at retail, and your preorder will be canceled.

If you're not near one of the 48 store locations, you can try ordering the headset online from Amazon or Microsoft - though 'try' is the operative word here. Because of the shipping delays, expect a limited supply from the company. In fact, Oculus warns that the Best Buy stock will also be pretty small.


Regardless, you'll still be able to demo VR vignettes with Oculus Dreamdeck and try out games like The Climb and Farlands if you're unsure what all this virtual reality stuff is like. Oculus has put together Oculus Live, a scheduling tool to alleviate lines in store.

International Rift demos for Europe and Canada are slated for a fall arrival.


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