Noon VR headset brings virtual reality content to iOS and Android smartphones

Budget headset packs its own virtual reality content store

The Noon VR headset is now available, offering users a way to watch exclusive VR content on their smartphone.

Noon VR works with smartphones ranging from 4.7-inches up to 5.5-inches, boasts a 95 degree field of view and weighs 230g. Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, it's manufacturer agnostic, which opens up the experience to more people. The lenses can be adjusted for varying eyesight strength and the device can be controlled via head movements, eye gaze tracking and finger tap gestures.

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While its specs and build are nothing to write home about, NextCore Corporation, the company behind Noon VR, has partnered with Koom VR, a virtual reality video distribution service. This allows users to create their own VR content as well as download movies and experiences too.

Koom VR will also enable users to edit content, finding image defects like stereo-rig misalignment and lens distortion, and correct it automatically. At the moment there are roughly 1,000 pieces of VR video content on offer and it's available for Android and iOS handsets.

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The CEO of NextCore corporation, Jong Hyeon Kang said: "Virtual reality technology is improving drastically on a daily basis but viable content is lagging. NOON VR plans to empower a community of VR enthusiasts to influence the next era of VR content."

There are plenty of platforms for people to take advantage of their smartphones for watching VR, but content is still thin on the ground, which makes Noon VR's proposition much more compelling.

What's more, helping users cheaply and easily create VR content will be great for developing unique VR experiences.

You can get your hands on the Noon VR for $89 from Amazon and it'll ship with a unique activation code for the exclusive Noon VR app.


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