Field of view: Nickelodeon is making a VR/ AR animated series - sort of

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Field of view: The week in VR and AR
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Field of view is ready and raring to go but it's been a quiet week on the VR and AR sections of the site this week. We did take a look at what Snap is doing in AR and snag a deal on Google Daydream View.

For everything else that you might have missed, read on for our pick of the big VR and AR news. Plus we give you a few recommendations to tide you over until next Friday's FOV. Enjoy.

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Nickelodeon's Meet the Voxels

This is exciting. Kids TV network Nickelodeon has announced a new animation series, Meet the Voxels, that will be available as episodes for both regular TV and with companion episodes for VR and AR. The man behind it is Chris Young, senior VP of Nickelodeon's Entertainment Lab and the story is about a family of video game characters.

Meet the Voxels is in development, no release yet, but we do know Nick is using facial and body mo-cap and that it's being built in a game engine. The Entertainment Lab has previous form too with 360-degree cartoon The Loud House 360 and the social VR experience SlimeZone under their belts.

Field of view: Nickelodeon is making a VR/ AR animated series - sort of

Google Daydream gets Chrome...

Google's (finally) released a version of Chrome for Daydream VR - both the Daydream View and new standalones like the Lenovo Mirage Solo. So you can now browse the web in virtual reality - just update Chrome on your phone. The VR browser will include incognito mode, syncing across devices and - handy for VR - voice search.

.. And Google poaches Sony's Magic Lab VR head

Google's famous ATAP group has pinched Richard Marks from Sony where he was head of Magic Lab, researching future VR technologies. Marks was at Sony for 19 years and is known for working on Project Morpheus, which later became the Sony PlayStation VR.

At Google ATAP, where he's taking a senior position, we don't know what he'll be researching and working on yet but no doubt it will be VR/AR and gaming related. The future of Daydream perhaps?

Field of view: Nickelodeon is making a VR/ AR animated series - sort of

Flaim Trainer is VR training for firefighters

A new VR sim has been developed for the HTC Vive Pro complete with haptics and vital sign tracking vest and Vive Tracker on firehose. Flaim Trainer lets firefighters extinguish virtual fires thanks to the Tracker on the real-world hose. Heat packs and custom breathing apparatus add to the immersion and ECG data is sent to instructors.

Watch this: Songbird

This new, eight minute animated experience from The Guardian - for YouTube (as 360 degree video) and HTC Vive/Google Daydream/Cardboard - focuses on the extinct native birds of Hawaii. Specifically the Songbird, last seen on the island in 1985. Beaut.

Play this: Mario Kart VR

Field of view: Nickelodeon is making a VR and AR animated series

If you're in Japan or now London, UK that is. The HTC Vive Pro arcade experience has made its way to Europe and it's every bit as awesome as it sounds. Read James Stables' write-up of his time in virtual reality Mario Kart if you can't get there in person.


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