Field of view: Get ready for a new Samsung Gear VR headset

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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It's not quite the weekend, but here to get you over the line is Field of view, our weekly look back at all the VR and AR action you may have missed.


We've already brought you the latest from Gamescom, given you the lowdown on how Dolby's tech could make VR more amazing, explored some of the potential long-term effects of VR and saw the HTC Vive receive a price cut, but there's much more to catch up on.

Read on to receive a lesson in chicken making from Colonel Sanders and learn about Bethesda's upcoming trio of VR games and some big news regarding Samsung Gear VR.

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New Gear VR is inbound

Field of view: New Samsung Gear VR is inbound

With Samsung unveiling its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone earlier this week, a device, which is larger than its current crop of handsets, the Korean giant is now expected to follow the news with a slightly tweaked Gear VR headset.

That's if the leak shown above is to be believed, which not only reveals the headset but also the Samsung Gear Sport, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and IconX. From what we can see, the device looks identical to previous headsets, which have essentially just been given fresh finishes and smartphone support in recent times. That's not necessarily a negative, either, since Samsung's option sits atop the mobile VR pile — especially since it introduced its controller.

If true, which all signs seem to point to, stay tuned for hands ons of all the new Samsung kit next week at IFA.


HTC could let Vive fly solo

It's well known that HTC's VR department is the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end VR, but the Taiwanese company's smartphone arm isn't seeing the same success, which could reportedly lead to an in-house shuffle.

According to Bloomberg, HTC is considering options that could range from separating Vive to a full sale of the company. No final decisions have yet been made, and it could choose to carry on as is, but with talks taking place with the likes of Alphabet, it would be surprising to not see some kind of change come to the company.

Bethesda brings the heat

While there are plenty of VR games out there in the wild, many hardcore gamers bemoan the lack of AAA games hitting the platform. Well, Bethesda is looking to do something to quell the dearth of action, announcing that Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR and Skyrim VR are all coming to HTC Vive and Playstation VR before the end of the year. The latter will arrive on PSVR on 7 November, followed by Doom on both platforms on 1 December and Fallout on the Vive on 12 December.

Samsung launches app for visually impaired

Samsung isn't just busy with potential new hardware, but it's also released its Relúmĭno app - teased back in February - into the Oculus Store. The app will work with new versions of the company's Galaxy smartphones, helping people with low vision in several ways: objects can be magnified, minimised and highlighted with an outline, brightness and sharpness can be adjusted, colours can be inverted or filtered and those with tunnel vision can have their peripheral field enhanced. For those suffering from scotoma, the app can also help uncover what is blocked by their blind spot.


Play this: The Hard Way

We see a lot of VR games, but none are quite as bemusing-slash-captivating as KFC's The Hard Way, which essentially puts you in a Saw-like escape room scenario with Colonel Sanders (who else?) as your captor. Except, you know, instead of being trapped in a sadistic sequence of theatre involving grave consequences, it's just, like, being taught how to make chicken drumsticks. We think that's what's going on, anyway — quite frankly, when your VR life is in the hands of the ultimate chicken overlord, you have more questions than answers.

Is this how all chicken is made at KFC? Who's responsible for letting ol' Sanders taking his apparent Saw fandom too far? Is this all part of a heinous plot to enslave the human race and turn us into a group of chicken-serving minions? We'll report back with more information when we have it.

Watch this: Solar eclipse 360

Unless you live under a rock, you may have heard about the solar eclipse hitting certain parts of the US earlier this week. And if you're one of the unfortunate not able to see the eclipse, or you fancy reliving it through burned retinas after staring at the sun, Time has kindly captured the rare moment for you in 360-degree video. What a time to be alive.


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