Field of view: Mario Kart VR drifts into the States – but only for a limited time

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Look left, then right, then up, down and around – congratulations, you just discovered your field of view. But right now, you're in Wareable's Field of view, and the rules are a little different here.

In this weekly roundup, we lay on the VR and AR news from the week, as well as provide you with a couple of recommendations for when you're in the headset.

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In truth, it's been a quieter week in these alternate realms, with Oculus Connect 5 gobbling up all the industry attention last week. But that doesn't mean we're completely barren; a wasteland in your optics. Far from it, actually, and you can read on below for our picks from the last seven days to see for yourself.

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Mario Kart VR goes stateside

After first teasing us around a year ago by launching in Japan and then travelling across to the UK, Mario Kart VR is now finally crossing the Atlantic to the US.

Fans of the legendary Nintendo series can now immerse themselves in the kart for the first time in the States, armed with a steering wheel and a HTC Vive headset to display the action. Unfortunately, it's only popping up in Washington DC's Union Station right now, but we'd be surprised if more locations didn't get added in the near future.

Even to get into this one, you'll have to be speedy – Bandai Namco's VR Zone Portal is only here until March 2019, according to Road to VR.

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"Absolutely freaking mind-meltingly awesome," is how our very own James Stables described the experience during his play-through earlier this year. "As a VR experience, it’s up there with the best we’ve played, and perhaps a sign that VR’s medium-term future is arcade based."

So, what are you waiting for? Get in on the action and begin terrorising Yoshi et al with bananas and shells.

Field of view: Mario Kart VR is now drifting into the States

Oculus shows off a coloured Quest headset

As we mentioned up top, Oculus spent last week unveiling a bunch of new VR tech – the most noteworthy of which was the Oculus Quest, its new mid-range headset.

And while we were impressed with our first go-around with the headset, it will only come in black for those looking to pick it up. However, as reported by Road to VR, Oculus did show off two other colours – orange and blue – to distinguish between teams at an arena-scale demo of Dead And Buried.

The outlet notes that Oculus isn't exploring production of these colourful headsets, disappointingly, but we're holding out hope that they could feature at some point further down the line.

HaptX unveils Gloves development kit

Field of view: Mario Kart VR drifts into the States - but only for a limited time

HaptX has announced a new development kit for its Gloves, an industrial-level VR peripheral that delivers haptic feedback to individual parts of a wearer's hands.

The HaptX Gloves kit comes with two gloves, complete with 130 tactile actuators (read: technical bits) that help bring realistic touch across fingertips and the hand. The wearable even gives force-feedback to the user, meaning it can physically help stop your fingers when you try to grasp an object like a handle.

We don't know yet if or when the company's gloves will be ready for consumers, but HaptX, for now, appears content to focus on industry. And that's probably good, considering anyone slipping these bad boys on looks like Al Gore dressed up as ManBearPig in South Park.


Nomadic to launch Arizona Sunshine experience

VR studio Nomadic is set to open its first location-based experience this autumn, centred around popular first-person shooter title Arizona Sunshine.

The setup will be based in Orlando, with players able to roam a warehouse-scale stage in groups of up to four players and interact with real-life props, such as walls, doors, guns, lifts and trains. At launch, the studio will charge keen VR gamers $30 per person to play.


Watch this: BBC's 1943 Berlin Blitz

After debuting at the Venice Film Festival, the BBC's 1943 Berlin Blitz is now available for VR fans to experience.

The film puts the user at the height of World War II, in the shoes of Lancaster Bomber Wynford Vaughan-Thomas and BBC war correspondent Reg Pidsley as they document their way through a bombing run. The commentary has been taken from the original broadcast, which ran on 4 September 1942.

It's available from the Oculus and Steam store for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, while versions for Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream will also soon be available. Check out the above trailer to get a taste of the action, complete with a Dunkirk-like soundtrack.

Play this: Racket Fury

First launching for Oculus and Steam users, Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is now available to play on PS VR. The 10Ants Hill game fills a gap in the PlayStation Store, launching with its single player mode (featuring four cups and 16 AI opponents) but unfortunately without multiplayer, which will come later.

Think of it as virtual practice for when we're all spaceshipped off to Mars in 2043, living out the rest of our days competing against droids in parlour games for our evil overlords' amusement.

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