Immerse Virtual Reality Headset hits Firebox for just £29.99

Cheap VR headset will play nicely with a range of Android or iOS smartphones

You're running out of excuses not to get into VR. Here's another budget VR headset this time courtesy of UK online retailer Firebox, which is now selling the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset.

As with the Carl Zeiss VR One headset and the Archos VR, the VR experience is powered by your smartphone - the new headset will work with any Android or iOS device measuring 8.2 x 15.4cm or less.

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Like the Archos effort, the headset comes in at less than £30, with the £29.99 price-tag likely to appeal to anyone looking to dip their toes into the ever-growing mobile VR world.

The headset features adjustable lenses for optimal vision and wireless 360 degree head tracking. There's no hardware on board - unlike Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR - the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is essentially a glorified and plasticified Google Cardboard experience with an adjustable strap and padding.

But that's not a bad thing, it's a cheap ticket to all the fun of the mobile VR fair and there are plenty of awesome experiences to try - check out our pick of the best Google Cardboard apps to get an idea of what to expect.

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The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is available now, exclusively through Firebox.


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