Field of view: HTC Vive Pro Eye lands on the FCC ahead of launch

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Welcome to Field of view, the place where we round up all the latest news from the world of VR and AR.


As ever, there's been plenty to pore over this week - including the leaked Valve Index, the company's upcoming VR headset. However, there's been plenty more lighter bits that you may have missed.

Below, we'll guide you on the most interesting news tidbits, deals you can't afford to miss and a recommendation of what to watch the next time you're stuck with what to do when under the headset.

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Eye spy - latest Vive headset takes step towards release

Field of view: HTC Vive Pro Eye lands on the FCC ahead of launch

Back at CES 2019, we got the chance to try out the enterprise-focused HTC Vive Pro Eye - the company's latest iteration of its flagship, and one that includes, well, built-in eye tracking. And now, a few months on, the headset has popped up on the FCC, according to a report from Road To VR.

The listing makes no direct reference to the device, though there are a few tell-tale signs that the Pro Eye is the one currently undergoing testing before receiving approval for use.

So, what do we know? Well, the Vive Pro Eye’s FCC ID is 2Q29200, which almost matches the original Vive Pro's 2Q29100 tag - that suggests we're dealing with something from the same family. And from the diagram attached to the filing, it's clear it matches the original Pro almost directly.

And with this representing one of the last hurdles before launching, we should have a firmer idea when the Vive Pro Eye will actually release over the coming weeks. When it does, and HTC expects this to be in Q2 2019, we expect it will cost businesses slightly more than the standard model of the headset.


Oculus brings big upgrades to avatars

Field of view: HTC Vive Pro Eye lands on the FCC ahead of launch

Oculus has announced that its avatars are in line for a big upgrade, with new eye models, lip-syncing and micro-expressions.

The Facebook-owned company announced the launch of Expressive Avatars through its blog, noting that the update would be rolling out to Rift and mobile VR immediately. This comes after the changes were first teased at Oculus Connect 5 back in September, with the new editor even bringing new customization options for areas such as eyebrow color, hair, clothing and eyewear.

And just like before, third-party games and apps will be able to access the refreshed avatars. Oculus notes that Epic Rollercoaster and Poker Stars, among others, will be the first to offer support.

Feelreal prepares sensory VR mask

Field of view: HTC Vive Pro Eye lands on the FCC ahead of impending launch

Feelreal is returning to Kickstarter with an accessory that aims to replicate the sensations of smell, wind and water vapour. The company has announced the Multisensory VR Mask will be coming to the crowdfunding platform on 9 April, with five different versions able to fit the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR.

The mask connects over Bluetooth to the headset and, thanks to the Feelreal SDK, a number of games are already able to support it. The add-on will be able to generate vibrations and punches, with early backers able to pick one up for their headset for $199, representing a healthy $100 off the eventual retail price. You can even register your pre-order through the Feelreal.


Deal of the week

Entering the world of VR can be a pricey affair - particularly if you want to go in at the very top and pick yourself up, say, a HTC Vive or Vive Pro. However, Vive is currently running an offer until 8 April that will see anyone who purchases a system receive a free year's subscription to Viveport Infinity, its new subscription service.

The newly launched service - essentially acting like Spotify or Netflix, but for VR - sees users able to access hundreds of apps and games from the HTC store for $12.99 per month.

With this deal, though, a year's supply of the VR offerings can be yours for free. Simply head to the Vive website and select one of the five headset packages, and make sure you redeem the code before 24 April.

Play this: Everybody's Golf

Ah, Everybody's Golf. Back in the simpler days provided by 2007, the franchise had just made it onto Sony PSP handhelds and we were losing our minds at the graphics while sliding along the course in between shots. Then y'know, smartphone games became a thing.

Now? Well, friends, the humble golf adventure is coming to PSVR, and Sony has finally given us launch date of 21 May. The game joins the tantalizing lineup recently announced by company, with users able to play this one using a single Move controller or the standard DualShock 4. As you can see from the initial launch trailer, you'll also be able to play this from a first-person perspective.


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