Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Google Earth VR lands

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Field of week: The week in VR
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You can't keep a good FOV down which is why we're back with more virtual reality treats in the form of news, links and recommendations.

ICYMI we've been looking at Framestore's work on its Fantastic Beasts experience for Daydream and chatting to Phil Chen the man who convinced HTC to build a VR headset. Plus a chat with Neuroverse about brain training, VR controls and tracking the brain while you're in VR.

In the news, we covered Google's plans to bring Cardboard to one million British schoolchildren and ZapBox's plans to give you room-scale mixed reality for just $30.

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Google Earth goes VR

The internet lost its shit over Google Earth VR this week - not for Daydream as you might expect but everyone's favourite headset (it seems), the HTC Vive. It's a free experience that uses the Vive's motion controllers to control where you move as you fly over NYC/Grand Canyon/space/wherever. It's also being described as VR's "killer app". Just get it.

MIT cuts the cords

MIT's latest project, MoVR, uses high-frequency radio waves called 'millimeter waves' to untether VR headsets from PCs and consoles. It was tested on the HTC Vive but will work with any hardware and future versions will be small enough that you can have multiplayer, wireless VR in the same room.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge runs Daydream

The S7 edge isn't officially "Daydream ready" but someone's posted a YouTube video of it working anyway. Google probably won't stop people from doing this kind of thing but expect it to overheat etc.

The Guardian's sewer adventure

Sticking on Daydream, the Guardian's follow up to 6x9 is this, Underworld, an exploration of London's sewers for Google's new mobile VR platform. What's nice is its part of a series of galleries, articles and a podcast.

Analyst: 2.6m PSVR sales, 355k Rift and 420k Vive

Those are the estimated sales for the big three high end headsets for 2016 from SuperData Research. That's no surprise, slightly higher than the 1.4 million estimate for PS VR we'd been hearing. Daydream is projected to do well at 4.5 million sales with the Gear VR sitting pretty at 2.6 million. VR is here, kids.

Watch this: The Turning Forest

This VR fairytale from the BBC's R&D Labs just landed on Daydream. Originally developed for the Oculus Rift and premiered at Tribeca, the free animated folk story follows a magical creature and lets you make music via the Daydream controller. Here's the trailer.

Hype this: Rogue One - Recon 360

If you're anything like us, you're considering booking IMAX tickets to Rogue One, the Star Wars spin-off, this December just to continue the tradition. To whet our appetites, Disney and Verizon have put out this X-Wing short for Gear VR and Facebook 360. Pew! Pew!

Play this: The Martian VR

Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Google Earth VR lands

The (other) big launch on Vive and PlayStation VR this week is Ridley Scott's The Martian tie-in. Play with handheld controllers in a gentle experience where you can steer at zero gravity and drive a rover. Not the most thrilling but something to marvel at nonetheless. Plus it's not as expensive as fully fledged games.


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