Major porn studio goes VR, free until the end of the year

Now you can get your kicks with Google Cardboard

Adult entertainment company Kink has announced it is knocking up VR porn. The company's recently launched (nsfw, obviously) offers free content until 25 December. Merry Christmas indeed.

We knew it was coming. We've already begun discussing issues of VR porn addiction and whether the new medium will intensify our vices and there are already a number of 360-degree porn companies on the market.

Getting into it: VR porn revealed

However, Kink is already a major player in the adult entertainment industry and its influence will be felt strongly (man, these puns).

The company told UploadVR that they plan to specialise in such categories as BDSM and fetish content. "In VR we are safe to explore new sexual fantasies… things you might not feel comfortable exploring in reality."

We've all heard that the porn industry has had a major roll in the type of media that eventually gets used in our everyday lives. VHS outsold Betamax, thanks in part to Sony supposedly not allowing adult content on Betamax tapes.

Blu-ray was nearly snuffed out by HD DVD nearly 10 years ago for the same reason. The porn industry single-handedly turned online purchasing into the most common way of shopping for the holidays. Even the most popular adult magazine in the world had to make changes because porn-influenced technology advancement is so powerful.

So, if you feel a little squeamish at knowing that porn will likely fuel the virtual reality industry. Don't worry. You've already compromised your morals by watching movies on DVD. currently features four pieces of content that are accessible for free. New free shots will be added every week between now and Christmas day to get you hooked. Don't forget your Google Cardboard.


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