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Ok look, we know we tend to open FoV with something like "Gosh, hasn't it been a busy week for virtual reality news?" but there really has been loads this week. Granted, most of it has focused on Oculus Connect 3, where Oculus revealed it was working on a new standalone headset.

We also got to see some early prototypes of the Oculus Touch controllers, and Michael Abrash set out his predictions for what VR will look like in five years time. You can check out all of the things that went down at Oculus Connect 3 in our big roundup.

But it wasn't all about Oculus: we also put up our full PlayStation VR review and Google revealed all about Daydream View, its new mobile VR headset.

See? We told you it was all happening..

Of course, with so many big going-ons in the world of VR, there's plenty you may have also missed.

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Next-gen PSVR already in the works

We've only just given our verdict on PS VR, and already there's talk of what comes next.

SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden hinted to IGN that the next version of PSVR is already being worked on in an underground bunker deep beneath the Arizona desert, heavily guarded by giant angry owls controlled by Shuhei Yoshida's mind. We might be embellishing on the details, but Layden definitely suggested Sony is already looking to phase two.

"When you deliver unit 'A,' you know 'A Prime' is already in design," he said. "You can look at the first generation of the product and see the future about where you want to go."

Layden added that "there are certain technologies that we need to incorporate", and that there are "certain technologies that don't exist yet."

He called PS VR "step one in a very long journey".

Batman VR and Resident Evil 7 will be timed exclusives for PS VR

PS VR is landing two meaty exclusives with Batman: Arkham VR and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - but they won't be Sony's forever. As UploadVR notes, a slideshow posted on PlayStation's social feeds reveals in some footer text that Arkham will be exclusive to PS VR until March 2017, while Resi's deal lasts for 12 months.

That doesn't mean either will definitely come to other systems, but we'd bet we'll see at least one, if not both, gracing Oculus and Vive soon after the exclusivity deals come to an end.

And now for something completely different

It's not all about games; VR is also being used as a tool to improve safety, reports TechRadar. Researchers in Germany are using virtual reality for improving conditions on construction sites, by creating interactive training courses to be used by workers and health and safety experts. Due to construction sites often being virtually built before actual work gets underway, it's easier to turn them into a VR world.

Play this: Volume: Coda

With PlayStation VR out next week, it seems fitting we should recommend something to play on it.

We loved Mike Bithell's Volume, so we're super excited to play the sequel on PS VR, Volume: Coda. We're recommending this one already as it's available from day one, but also because you might have missed seeing its name about. Best of all, if you own Volume on PS4 or Vita, you'll get it free. Yes, you might be wondering what the point of a third-person VR game is, but having tried similar perspectives in other VR games, we can tell you that it really does make for a very different experience.

Watch this: Robo Recall trailer

One of our favourite games from Oculus Connect this week was Robo Recall. It's fun, immersive, looks gorgeous, but most of all it's the funniest game we've played in VR so far.

The trailer below gives you a taste for the game's tone, and some of the things you'll be doing in it. There are few things more fun than picking up a robot and using it like a pair of nunchucks. We also became very aware of how much we were laughing during our demo.

Watch this too: Why Facebook bought Oculus

We touched on this in our roundup from Oculus Connect 3, but it's worth checking out the video if you haven't already. This is essentially Facebook's pitch for how it's going to integrate VR with its own platform. This is why it bought Oculus.

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