Field of view: E3 and more

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Field of view: The week in VR
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It's post-E3 but there's still plenty of VR news to keep you VR gluttons satiated.

On the site this week, we climbed Everest in VR, made sure you know what's coming up in the world of 360-degree cameras and added in newly announced Oculus Rift games.


Then there's Frog and Stanford continuing to showcase VR's abilities for good beyond gaming by creating VR Care, a low cost headset that helps burn patients undergoing treatments. Lastly, the Central Saint Martins show in London's Granary Square was filled with VR innovation.

Keep on reading to see what else you may have missed from the week in VR.

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HTC says exclusives are bad, Oculus disagrees

HTC's Vice President VR Content Joel Breton told TechCrunch that the company thinks exclusive games are a "bad idea for VR" because they block consumers from content which isn't worth it in the long run.

Oculus has of course long disagreed on the matter, with Head of Oculus Jason Rubin explaining again that exclusives are actually good for the VR industry and provides what developers need in a still growing business.


But Oculus has stopped issuing copy protection?

Despite the fervent ties to exclusives, it seems Oculus has decided to reverse its stance on letting Vive owners play Rift-only games. The makers of Revive - a download that helps Vive owners play Oculus games - discovered that the Facebook owned company has removed the copy protection check.

Facebook adds emojis to VR, because why not

The Reactions that you either love or hate on Facebook are now part of your VR viewing experience. While watching 360 Videos with Gear VR, you'll be able to convey your emotions, or see what other people have felt.

Samsung introduces its own 360-degree video site

Say goodbye to 'Milk VR' and hello to a slightly better named Samsung VR. Like YouTube and Facebook, Sammie's now opened up a site where you can view and upload your own 360-degree videos.

Mobile VR could get positional tracking - with some caveats

Stereolabs seems to be onto something by using its ZED stereo camera to allow full positional tracking. This could be applied to future PC VR headsets and even mobile VR devices like Gear VR. Right now, in addition to costing $449 and needing an Nvidia CUDA-capable GPU to run, the camera would need to be glued to a mobile headset.


Lastly and most importantly, VR game sales

Yep, the Steam summer sale is in full swing and that applies to VR games too! Project Cars and Cloudlands: VR Minigolf are both 50% off while other games are 20-30% off right now.

The Oculus store is also having its own summer sale where you can find titles like Chronos for only $39.99 or Gunjack for only $4.99. Best hurry as these sales are only up until 5 July while Steam's ends on 4 July.

Play this: Kittypocalypse

We've only played an hour of this but it's been oddly addictive so far building towers to defend against homicidal alien cats. Yes, it's a tower defense game against hordes of alien kitties. It's also good fun. Plus, it's on sale for $22.49 as part of the Oculus summer sale.

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Watch this: Valen's Reef

VR and nature conservation truly go hand-in-hand and this video should convince you. Join Ronald Mambrasar, an indigenous fisherman-turned-coral-scientist, and his son, Valen as they tell their story and take you on an amazing journey under the ocean.


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